Mama’s Family S02, Ep13 – Mama Buys a Car

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Mama Buys a Car
Original Air Date: January 21, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: It’s not just Meals on Wheels. It’s Thelma on Wheels.

* Fran: Without a car, a driver’s license is nothing more than an unflattering picture with your real birthday on it.

* Thelma: If I buy myself a car I can drive myself crazy.

* Vint: I gave him my jack-knife and he gave me his measles.

* Thelma: Vint to you want to get your wife out of this car before someone comes along and gives her a rear end alignment.

* Thelma: I want something with guts. I want some power when I put that petal to the metal.

* Willie: Thelma you didn’t try to do anything foolish with the car?
Thelma: Yeah I tried to drive it.

* Thelma: Those are the most expensive oatmeal rains cookies I’ve ever made. They cost me about $50 a rasin.

* Vint: Look on the bright side. You only got stuck with one lemom. That poor sucker is about to buy the whole orchard.

* Thelma: Blew up? It’s smoldering it’s way to lemon heaven.

* Thelma: Well, good Lord. You’re not only a weasel you’re a pig.

Synopsis: Mama is in a panic because Fran is late. Fran is supposed to let her take her car for Meals on Wheels deliveries. Mama is forced to call in and let them know that she’s waiting on her sister’s car. But because she doesn’t have her own car they kick her out of the program. As she hangs up Fran runs in. Thelma is upset because she is out of a volunteer job. Fran tries to console her. Mama decides to buy herself a car. Everyone tries to help her look through car ads. She wants a blue car. Naomi finds an ad for Willie Pots and it turns out he use to live in the neighborhood. Mama gives out orders to make cookies (she doesn’t want him talking too much). At the lot, Mama is obsessed with blue cars. She thinks the color is lucky. Willie arrives. Vint introduces everyone. Thelma gives him her list of wants. He shows her a car that’s nearly $7,000. He then starts bragging about a big sale he’s got coming. They walk over to a blue car. He starts sweet talking her. Vint tries to open the hood to check the engine and Willie sits on it so he can’t. Thelma brings up price, but Willie gives her a price she doesn’t like. She negotiates down to her price point with the cookies. Thelma buys it and drives it home. The whole family drives in and asks to go for a spin. As she pulls away from the curb parts start falling off the car and the engine overheats. Back at Willie’s lot, he’s watching the big fish he wants to sell a bunch of cars to. Thelma and Vint enter his office. When she tells him she wants a refund he ignores her. He tries to sweet talk her. Then he tells her no flat out. Thelma loses her temper when Willie calls her a hippo. The big fish walks in the office. He kicks Thelma and Vint out of his office. In the lot, Vint remembers Willie’s nickname was the weasel. Thelma is upset he didn’t remember that sooner. Thelma races back into the office to try and save Mr. Babcock from buying the junk cars. She gives him a good speech. Mr. Babcock gives her the floor. She describes the explosion. Mr. Babcock tells Willie the only way he’ll buy the fleet is if he gives Thelma a full and complete refund. He starts counting out cash and she manages to add on a few extras to sweeten her deal. As soon as she is fully refunded he offers to walk Thelma out. He’s not signing the deal. Back at the house, everyone is proud of her. She starts the hunt for a car again.

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