Numb3rs S02, Ep07 – Convergence

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Convergence
Original Air Date: November 11, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: If it’s wrong, then what am I?
Larry: A talented theoretician with an ego problem.

* Colby: Ooohh, a math fight.

* Charlie: I’m so easily distracted.
Alan: It’s more like you’re easily fascinated.

* Alan: I think your life’s work should be what you find important.

* Larry: That’s too big brother for me. I’ll stick with my rotary dial up.

Synopsis: Don, Charlie and Larry are playing frisbee golf at the college. Don gets a call and has to head to a crime scene. It’s a burglary gone wrong and there is a fatality. At the office, the team goes over the evidence. Megan begins a profile. Charlie wants all the crime data for the entire period of the crime spree. At the college Charlie enlists the help of Larry and Amita. Charlie’s arch nemesis is giving a guest lecture. He’s not amused when Penfield starts talking to Amita. Penfield tells Charlie there was an error in his math on a theory. Megan is interviewing the wife of the man who was killed in the burglary. Charlie rants in his office with Larry. Charlie gets a call. His algorithm has an answer. Megan goes to who the math points him. One of the stolen items is in his showroom. Charlie is working on something on a glass window at Don’s office. He explains. He found known attacks marked in blue and based on his analysis there should be more crimes but they won’t be burglaries. The analysis shows another crime could take place in three days. Megan found three carjacking’s that match Charlie’s dates. Colby and David go to see Charlie. They would like him to find the bullet. They also tell him about the car jackings. Penfield walks in and the two have a math pissing match. Megan’s analysis of the crimes shows that in the car jacking cases the car jackers were aware of what they had on them. Cell phones are being tapped into. Megan finds the fence for the stolen goods and is setting up a buy. Back at the house, Alan is preparing for his consultation firm. He tells Alan about Penfield. He’s upset because he doesn’t think he’s really doing much. What Alan says inspires him. Megan meets the fence for the buy and she has a gun strapped to her leg. He opens a storage locker to show her the goods and the team busts him. He has almost all the stolen property from the seven robberies. When questioned he tells them that two guys came up to him in a bar, a lawyer type and a nerd type. David and Colby are working a giant grid search for the missing bullet. Penfield is now giving his presentation. Both Amita and Charlie is present. Charlie is getting angry. The guys are still digging through the park looking for the bullet. They are debating what kind of gun and bullet was actually used when David finds it. Charlie, Don and Megan are walking outside. He tells them about GPS locater chips in cell phones. Back at the house, Charlie has taken apart Alan’s cell phone and he’s not happy. Charlie explains about the GPS chip. Sadly, Charlie was right about another burglary 3 days later. They are seniors and both were killed. They run the bullet through AFIS to try and match it to a previous crime and get a hit. All the families had rare, insured valuables. Charlie is mocking the guy as Penfield walks in with Amita. He brings up currant theory. Charlie tells Don and Megan that there is a connection that they can’t see between the families. The insurance companies have a commonality. They start searching for the riders for each policy to look for connections. Megan finds the cell phone connection. He was in prison with an employee of the underwriting company. They arrest both of them. Pieces start to fall into place. The cell phone hacker starts to talk. A man named Demento is the leader of the gang doing all the robberies. Demento is in the wind currently. However, Demento is planning a new burglary. He wasn’t prepared for this. It’s Megan and the team. The entire gang is arrested. Charlie pays Penfield a visit and thanks him for the help with the case. Penfield tries to kiss up to Charlie. Charlie walks up to the board and adds new math, which fixes the flaw. Amita and Larry arrive at the house to pick up Charlie. He’s working on the math of the brain.

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