Numb3rs S01, Ep09 – Sniper Zero

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Sniper Zero
Original Air Date: April 15, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: If I were in any real danger Don wouldn’t let me go. You know that.

* Charlie: It just seems like it’s all some kind of a sport to you.

* Charlie: You have an epidemic of copycat snipers.

Synopsis: A sniper looks down the barrel of his scope picking out a target, then fires. Don and his team are on scene. Charlie analyzes the data and pinpoints where the sniper was shooting from. Agent Edgerton also joins them. At headquarters’ Don gives the team the rundown. David runs in with a tip. At the house, Charlie and Amita are working on the ballistics. The tip is on a vehicle and it gives them a possible suspect. They hit his address with a search warrant. He’s not there but a large cache of guns and a defeated girlfriend are. Charlie gets a call, there is a new shooting. David and Terry interview a victim at the scene. Edgerton teaches Charlie about sniper techniques. Terry informs them there are two snipers. They catch the first suspect and interrogate him. Turns out he’s an informant. As the team patrols, it’s a ghost town. No one is willing to go out and possibly be shot. Alan brings Don lunch at work. He expresses his concerns about Charlie going to scenes. There is another shooting. Edgerton thinks Charlie might have been right all along. At the house, Charlie and Amita continue to try and crunch numbers. Back at Don’s office, Charlie does a presentation of the data, they are increasing in rate. His analysis demonstrates that it was a different shooter for each attack. It’s a chain of copycats. Don regroups and tries to solve each case individually. He solves each case. However, more cases are happening. Charlie thinks that some cases are linked to one sniper and others are just viral activity. He wants to learn to shoot a rifle to understand the mechanics. Alan and Larry play chess together. At the range, Charlie isn’t doing too well until Don tries a different technique and he hits the bullseye. At the office, the skill level of each shooter is assessed. He has detected a pattern that four shootings were done by the same person. The team narrows their search to try and find a common denominator. Don changes focus from the victims to where the shots were fired as it wasn’t about the victims. They were chosen at random. They come up with a suspect, Nathan. David interviews his mother and she kicked him out just before the shootings started. Information comes in about the suspect. He also picks a new location to shoot from. The locations he’s shooting from are failed jobs. They narrow down to two locations and request LAPD back up. Terry spots the van at their location. They start clearing the area. SWAT arrives and so does a helicopter. The suspect looks out the window and sees police and no targets. Until a car pulls up with Charlie. David gets him on the ground as the sniper starts shooting at him. Edgerton was waiting though and he takes the shot and gets the sniper. Back at the house Don talks with Alan. They just talk about his trip to the range and choose not to tell Alan that Charlie almost got shot. The three work together staining the house.

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