Ghost Mine S02, Ep12 – The Final Barrier

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The Final Barrier
Original Air Date: November 20, 2013


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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Whoever built this did not want anyone to get past this bulkhead.

* Stan: There’s definitely something back there.
Patrick: Yeah, but it may not be what you want to be.

* Greybeard: It’s getting damn weird back there. I can take my hearing aids out and still here strange noises.

Synopsis: Patrick and Kristen are digging through the wood pile. He finds a board that has the symbol. The portal had a bulkhead too. In the mine, Jay sees something. The investigators go through their notes and research. They think the spirits haunting the mine are that of the Chinese Miners. In the mine blasting continues. Once the dust clears they begin to bar down. Patrick and Kristen gear up to join the miners. They all head in to investigate and take a cautious approach. Kristen takes photos and Patrick checks EMF. It’s all over the place. Kristen realizes that they have been separated from Stan and Eddie. They’ve gone to the end of the tunnel and find a very large wall that is clearly man-made. They call for Kristen and Patrick. Patrick finds some symbols on the bulkhead. Back above ground Jamol feels them a scary lunch. Greybeard wants to do more sampling. They all discuss the noises they are hearing and what they are seeing. Back at the strange bulkhead readings of everything are all over the place and strange sounds are emanating from the wall out into the mine. Eddie manages to chip away the corner of it and a rush of air comes out. It smelled like something decomposing. Eddie suddenly screams out in pain. He rips off his jacket and then his shirt. It’s bright red and burning over a large area of his side. They call it and exit the tunnel. Later that night around the campfire they have a group discussion and express their concerns. Stan tells the group about the wall. Eddie doesn’t want to talk about what happened but he’s clearly distressed. They decide to blast through the man-made wall. Patrick and Kristen go back in to double check and make sure nothing was missed. They do another EVP session. During it there is some creeping growling that is sporadic and something falls. The K2 keeps fluctuating. They arrive at the bulkhead. Kristen continues to ask questions. They start to hear some intense growling coming through the hole in the stone wall. It’s actually so strong that the walls and the entire area vibrated. They are freaked out enough to leave. The next morning the duo meet with the team and bring them up to speed. They show the photo of Eddie’s injury and also the wood they found from the portal door. Then they go over the different types of activity that have been going on in the mine. The EVP of the scary growl is played. Kristen tells the guys that they don’t feel that going back there is safe. Stan calls for a vote. The two head back to the PI Shack. Kirsten and Patrick see that the crew has voted to go back in the mine. They suit up as quickly as possible and grab their gear. They race in after to try and help them stay safe. It’s not the whole crew, just a few of them who haven’t seen the wall yet. Patrick and Kristen meet up with the crew in the mine. Bucket hears something. Stan hears something like a voice. But suddenly, there is creaking and groaning and growling. Rocks start falling and you can hear the mine starting to collapse. Everyone runs for their life. As Stan runs out last the whole mine explodes behind him. Stan declares it a rock burst. All the gear is trapped in the mine. The entire mine has now collapsed. Nothing more can be done. However, all the miners are safe and alive. To appease the spirits, they decide on a monument. It’s overlooking the entire valley. As they pay their respects to the monument and fallen miners the rain begins to fall. That night everyone packs up, says their goodbyes and heads home.

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