Book: Whirlwind (X-Files #2) by Charles Grant

A woman who owns a ranch stumbles across a pair of bodies. The fact that they are bodies is all that she can make out. Mulder and Scully are brought in to figure out what happened.

While in town nothing seems to make sense. The coroner takes them aside and tells them what really happened to the bodies versus what she was made to put in her report. More people die in this strange matter. Then an attack is made on Mulder, but he survives.

The suspect list is not long as the victims don’t seem to connect. The sheriff is not very helpful. Mulder tries to enlist the help of the local Native American tribe as well. No one seems very excited to solve this case.

What is killing these animals and people? Why do they look as if they have been scoured? Will Mulder and Scully be the next victims? Is the killer a human or a supernatural entity?


iTunes The X-Files: Whirlwind – Charles Grant

Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Harry’s summer does not start out well. Dobby, a house elf, causes havoc at the Durlsey’s. They then turn his room into a prison cell. When he hasn’t responded to any Owl’s Fred, George and Ron steal Mr. Weasley’s flying car to rescue him. They arrive at the Burrow to a very angry Mrs. Weasley.

Once back at Hogwarts it goes from bad to worse. There is a chamber of secrets that was created by Salazar Slyterin himself. Someone has opened it and students are being attacked.

Who opened the chamber? What is the creature in the chamber? Who opened the chamber 50 years ago?

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Book: The Devil’s Bones (Body Farm #3) by Jefferson Bass

The case takes us to Knoxville at the top of a hill. A charred female body is found in a burned card. The only way Dr. Brockton can figure out what really happened is to burn dead bodies.

Of course, he can never just deal with a case. He also gets a mysterious package. It’s a set of cremations that don’t look like they should. So now he’s investigating two cases simultaneously. However, this one leads him to a crematorium that doesn’t do it’s just correctly.

Now, Garland Hamilton, Jess’s murderer, has escaped. And now it’s all about not dying while Hamilton and he play a frighteningly deadly game of cat and mouse.

With the help of Art and Miranda can Brockton get to the bottom of all these deaths and find Hamilton before he gets murdered?

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Book: The X-Files: Goblins (X-Files #1) by Charles L. Grant

Mulder and Scully are sent to a small city named Marville to investigate some strange deaths. A long time resident named Elly Lang believes their are goblins and that they are responsible. She carries around a can of orange spray paint to mark the goblins.

Another pair of investigators also joins the two, Webber and Andrews. Their investigation involves a Major and his project on a near by military post. One of the deceased was stationed at this post. The other was retired from the post.

All leads point Mulder and Scully to a top secret military project using some very high tech science that appears to have a few bugs.

What or who is this “goblin?” How far will it go to prevent the truth from being discovered?

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Amazon The X Files: Goblines (X Files #1)
iTunes The X-Files: Goblins – Charles Grant

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I was first introduced to this book series by my third graders when I was a teacher. I still love these books and reread them every few years.

Harry’s parents are killed protecting him from Lord Voldemort (also known as “He Who Must Not Be Named.” One of the most evil wizards in the world. As a result Harry grows up with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, quite sour and dour people. His cousin Dudley is even worse.

As a child he was lied to and told his parents died in a car accident. So when he gets a letter from Hogwarts he has no idea what it is. Luckily, Professor Dumbledore sends Hagrid to assist Harry in his school preparations. Since Uncle Vernon keeps moving the family it does pose a challenge. However, once Hagrid explains, as best as he can, to Harry about who he is Harry is thrilled to go to Hogwarts.

Once at school he is put into Gryffindor House, just like his parents. His first year is going as expected until it is discovered he’s a natural on a broom. He becomes the teams Seeker.

We also have a third floor corridor off limits this school year. It turns out that is where the Sorcerer’s Stone is being kept under heavy guard. Fluffy (a three headed dog) is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s clearly being protected from Voldemort.

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Amazon Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
iTunes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

Book: Flesh and Bones (Body Farm #2) By Jefferson Bass

Dr. Brockton is called in by the Medical Examiner of Chattanooga, Jess Carter, to assist in an extremely grizzly murder. He uses his body farm to recreate the murder she is dealing with to try and help her solve the case. However, they become romantically involved during the course of the case. On a routine check of the body he’s working on for her at the farm he makes a horrifying discovery. Jess Carter’s murdered body is there now as victim number two.

He quickly becomes a suspect and has to do everything in his power to save his life and reputation while still trying to solve the original murder and Jess’s.

Who committed these murders and why? Can Dr. Brockton solve the case in time to save himself? Will he ever be the same?

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Amazon Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass
iTunes Flesh and Bone – Jefferson Bass

Book: The Roswell Conspiracy (Tyler Locke, #3) by Boyd Morrison

Tyler rescues a woman from two assassins. Her name is Fay Allen. In 1947, at the age of ten, she witnessed what is believed to be a UFO crash in Roswell. She managed to snag a piece of the wreckage and that is what the assassins are after. Even better…she claims to know many secrets that have been kept.

But protecting her and those secrets mean that many people are after them. They are pursed in the air, on land and over water.

It culminates at an air show with foot chases, air chases and explosions.

So what secrets does Ms. Allen know that people are willing to kill for? Does she survive? Did aliens really crash at Roswell?

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Amazon The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison

iTunes The Roswell Conspiracy – Boyd Morrison

Book: The Loch by Steve Alten

I love this book. I’ve read it five times now. And thankfully my mind always forgets the best parts when I read it again so it’s just as amazing and exciting.

Dr. Zachary Wallace of Soctland is a marine biologist. He is searching the Sargasso Sea for the elusive Giant Squid. He’s built a lure to draw it out. He goes down in the submersable with his lure and succeeds in finding the squid. However, all hell breaks loose as soon as the squid moves out in the open. The sonar picks up bloops. These bloops are still unidentified. The bloops attack the squid and the submersable. It’s destoryed and Zack barely makes it back to the surface alive. In fact he doesn’t. It’s the second time he’s drowned and been brought back to life. He colleage, David Caldwell, then proceeds to destroy his career to save his own skin.

His father, Angus, still lives in Scotland. He’s been accused of murder. He uses “Nessie” as his defense. Nessie killed the victim not him. He drags his son back to Scotland to try and save him. But the situation quickly turns into an all out hunt for Nessie.

Did Angus commit the murder? Does Zack find Nessie? What is Nessie?  Does Zack survive?

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Amazon The Lock by Steve Alten

iTunes The Loch – Steve Alten

Book: Carved in Stone (Body Farm #1) by Jefferson Bass

This is the first book in this series. I found these books because it was clear other series’s I was reading referenced it. So I had to read it.

Dr. Bill Brockton is a professor, but he also has quite an ongoing project as well. The Body Farm. This farm contains bodies (dead bodies) donated to science. Bodies are placed here in all manner and mode. Dr. Brockton monitors how the bodies in each situation decompose. All this data that he collects is utilized by law enforcement to determine when bodies they find in various situations and stages of decomposition actually stopped being alive.

In this case he’s called out of his body farm. To a remote area, a cave. A body has been found there. It’s mummified and upon looking at it it is not apparant how long it’s been there or who it is. However, the body is wearing a necklace. But someone does not seem to want them to figure out who she is. Several times people try to kill the good doctor.

Who is the mummy? Why would someone be willing to kill Bill in order to keep the identity of the mummy hidden?

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Amazon Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass
iTunes Carved in Bone – Jefferson Bass

Book: Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston

This is an action adventure thriller with a new theory on the dinosaurs extinction.

The adventure begins on the moon with a strange crater. Lunar Sample 480 is bagged because it looks like it contains a sample of the object that impacted the moon causing the crater. However, eight months after being brought back to earth is mysteriously disappears.

Chem Weathers makes the find of his life only to be murdered by a mysterious man who has been following him for weeks. He assumes the man wants what he found and is willing to kill for it. As he lay dying Tom Broadbent rides up. He gives Tom his little black notebook and asks that he give it to his daughter. But Tom doesn’t have any idea who he is or who is daughter is.

He looks through the book for clues but all it is, is code. A code he doesn’t understand. His business partner suggests he checks with a monk who lives in the desert. He use to be a code breaker for the military.

Brother Wyman Ford takes a look. It’s not code, but data from ground penetrating radar. What was found? Why did the mysterious murderer kill for it? Who is Mr. Weathers daughter? What is the treasure and is it ever located?

Get a copy here to find out.

Amazon Tyrannosaur Canyon (Wyman Ford Series) by Douglas Preston

iTunes Tyrannosaur Canyon – Douglas Preston

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