Book: The Roswell Conspiracy (Tyler Locke, #3) by Boyd Morrison

Tyler rescues a woman from two assassins. Her name is Fay Allen. In 1947, at the age of ten, she witnessed what is believed to be a UFO crash in Roswell. She managed to snag a piece of the wreckage and that is what the assassins are after. Even better…she claims to know many secrets that have been kept.

But protecting her and those secrets mean that many people are after them. They are pursed in the air, on land and over water.

It culminates at an air show with foot chases, air chases and explosions.

So what secrets does Ms. Allen know that people are willing to kill for? Does she survive? Did aliens really crash at Roswell?

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Amazon The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison

iTunes The Roswell Conspiracy – Boyd Morrison


Book: The Loch by Steve Alten

I love this book. I’ve read it five times now. And thankfully my mind always forgets the best parts when I read it again so it’s just as amazing and exciting.

Dr. Zachary Wallace of Soctland is a marine biologist. He is searching the Sargasso Sea for the elusive Giant Squid. He’s built a lure to draw it out. He goes down in the submersable with his lure and succeeds in finding the squid. However, all hell breaks loose as soon as the squid moves out in the open. The sonar picks up bloops. These bloops are still unidentified. The bloops attack the squid and the submersable. It’s destoryed and Zack barely makes it back to the surface alive. In fact he doesn’t. It’s the second time he’s drowned and been brought back to life. He colleage, David Caldwell, then proceeds to destroy his career to save his own skin.

His father, Angus, still lives in Scotland. He’s been accused of murder. He uses “Nessie” as his defense. Nessie killed the victim not him. He drags his son back to Scotland to try and save him. But the situation quickly turns into an all out hunt for Nessie.

Did Angus commit the murder? Does Zack find Nessie? What is Nessie?  Does Zack survive?

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Amazon The Lock by Steve Alten

iTunes The Loch – Steve Alten

Book: Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston

This is an action adventure thriller with a new theory on the dinosaurs extinction.

The adventure begins on the moon with a strange crater. Lunar Sample 480 is bagged because it looks like it contains a sample of the object that impacted the moon causing the crater. However, eight months after being brought back to earth is mysteriously disappears.

Chem Weathers makes the find of his life only to be murdered by a mysterious man who has been following him for weeks. He assumes the man wants what he found and is willing to kill for it. As he lay dying Tom Broadbent rides up. He gives Tom his little black notebook and asks that he give it to his daughter. But Tom doesn’t have any idea who he is or who is daughter is.

He looks through the book for clues but all it is, is code. A code he doesn’t understand. His business partner suggests he checks with a monk who lives in the desert. He use to be a code breaker for the military.

Brother Wyman Ford takes a look. It’s not code, but data from ground penetrating radar. What was found? Why did the mysterious murderer kill for it? Who is Mr. Weathers daughter? What is the treasure and is it ever located?

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Amazon Tyrannosaur Canyon (Wyman Ford Series) by Douglas Preston

iTunes Tyrannosaur Canyon – Douglas Preston

Book: Stone of Destiny by Thor Stonewell

This book starts out with a man on a cliff. He chooses to jump off the cliff to his own death rather than tell his kidnappers how to find what they seek.

Enter Trevor Emerson. An unsuspecting American who happens into the madcap conspiracy. He has something at stake as well though. He’s not trying to solve this mystery for his own gain, but to save his grandfathers life.

His quest is to find the Stone of Destiny. It has quite the history. Currently, it is supposed to reside in Westminster Abbey. But is that the real stone or a replica?

Trevor winds up travelling all over the United Kingdom searching for clues. He visits Edinburgh Castle, Piccadilly Circus, King Arthur’s ancient Isle of Avalon and even Stonehenge. Exploring tunnels under Stonehenge happens to be my favorite part of the book (even though it’s clearly fictional). Everywhere he goes someone is trying to kill him. Even in those underground tunnels.

But how will he solve the mystery if he is dead? Will the kidnappers keep their word and return his grandfather unharmed? Where is the real Stone of Destiny?

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Amazon Stone of Destiny by Thor Stonewell

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Book: Retirement Can Be Murder by Phil Edwards

Jake Russo is a New York reporter. However, his boss turns his life upside down when he reassigns him to a Florida retirement community. Writing about bridge and shuffleboard games is not what he had hoped for. Neither is his new camera man Gary, a sweet but uncoordinated 80 plus year old. As a result he’s not happy or sticking to his diet.

He doesn’t really feel like the seniors have much to offer, but they win him over. He becomes friends with a woman named Charlotte. She shares her frustrations with him about being banned from playing bridge and also her fear that she is being stalked. Not long after she confides in him she is found dead on the beach. Most don’t think anything of it, but Jake thinks she was murdered.

All the while there is a big story going on in the area, but Jake’s boss doesn’t want him anywhere near it. A large contractor wants to build in the nearby wetlands. However, he’s getting a lot resistance which has prevented him from moving forward and he’s not happy. Jake wonders if this project might relate to Charlotte’s death and the strange goings on.

Who killed Charlotte? Why are the seniors so afraid? Can Jake become the reporter he has always dreamed of and solve the case?

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Amazon Retirement Can Be Murder (A Jake Russo Mystery Book 1)

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Book: Secret of the Sands by Rai Aren

This book creates an exciting mystery. It mixes modern day Egypt with Ancient Egypt approximately 12,000 B.C. On a dig site at the Sphinx Alexandra and Mitch, both archaeologists, make a startling discovery. They find a chest that has three tubes. One tube contains paintings, writings and other artifacts. The items are the 12,000 B.C. link. Somehow the original owners spirits are communicating with Alexandra through her dreams.

I enjoy the shift between present day and the past. It gives it a completely different perspective than I’ve seen in a lot of books. This book has many aspects, including adventure, mystery, treachery and the paranormal, just to name a few.

What do these artifacts mean? What’s their significance? Why are so many people willing to go to such extremes to get them?

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Amazon Secret of the Sands by Rai Aren

iTunes not available

Book: Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova

This book is all about how Sherlock Holmes thinks. Lot’s of examples that relate to his thought processes in the stories about him are referenced.

It covers all different aspects of Sherlock Holmes and how he sees and processes things.

If you are interested in dissecting his brain or applying his processes yourself, you may want to read it to.

Amazon Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

iTunes Mastermind – Maria Konnikova

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