Book: Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston

This is an action adventure thriller with a new theory on the dinosaurs extinction.

The adventure begins on the moon with a strange crater. Lunar Sample 480 is bagged because it looks like it contains a sample of the object that impacted the moon causing the crater. However, eight months after being brought back to earth is mysteriously disappears.

Chem Weathers makes the find of his life only to be murdered by a mysterious man who has been following him for weeks. He assumes the man wants what he found and is willing to kill for it. As he lay dying Tom Broadbent rides up. He gives Tom his little black notebook and asks that he give it to his daughter. But Tom doesn’t have any idea who he is or who is daughter is.

He looks through the book for clues but all it is, is code. A code he doesn’t understand. His business partner suggests he checks with a monk who lives in the desert. He use to be a code breaker for the military.

Brother Wyman Ford takes a look. It’s not code, but data from ground penetrating radar. What was found? Why did the mysterious murderer kill for it? Who is Mr. Weathers daughter? What is the treasure and is it ever located?

Get a copy here to find out.

Amazon Tyrannosaur Canyon (Wyman Ford Series) by Douglas Preston

iTunes Tyrannosaur Canyon – Douglas Preston

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