Book: The Real Science Behind The X Files by Anne Simon, PH.D.

I am a fan of The X Files. But there are things in the show that completely creep and/or freak me out. I only recently discovered this book. I had stumbled upon an article that mentioned it. I tried to find a Kindle version to read, but sadly, this does not yet exist. So I went to my local library, where they had a copy, and checked it out.

At first I was worried that I would not understand most of what would be in the book because I don’t have a background in science. But Anne put everything into terms that were easily understandable. I have to admit I was extremely relieved when she said “flukeman” would never be a reality. I breathed a sigh of relief. Other than Tooms, Flukeman scares me the most. I’ll take an alien any day over either of them.

This book actually explains how about a dozen episodes came about. Additionally, it explains the science behind those episodes. But she also brings attention to the fact that a lot of stuff that happens in The X Files is just a more exaggerated version of what’s happening on our planet.

It was quite interesting to learn that the scientist character of Anne Carpenter was based on Anne Simon.

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