Book: The Loch by Steve Alten

I love this book. I’ve read it five times now. And thankfully my mind always forgets the best parts when I read it again so it’s just as amazing and exciting.

Dr. Zachary Wallace of Soctland is a marine biologist. He is searching the Sargasso Sea for the elusive Giant Squid. He’s built a lure to draw it out. He goes down in the submersable with his lure and succeeds in finding the squid. However, all hell breaks loose as soon as the squid moves out in the open. The sonar picks up bloops. These bloops are still unidentified. The bloops attack the squid and the submersable. It’s destoryed and Zack barely makes it back to the surface alive. In fact he doesn’t. It’s the second time he’s drowned and been brought back to life. He colleage, David Caldwell, then proceeds to destroy his career to save his own skin.

His father, Angus, still lives in Scotland. He’s been accused of murder. He uses “Nessie” as his defense. Nessie killed the victim not him. He drags his son back to Scotland to try and save him. But the situation quickly turns into an all out hunt for Nessie.

Did Angus commit the murder? Does Zack find Nessie? What is Nessie?  Does Zack survive?

Click either link to get a copy and find out what happens.

Amazon The Lock by Steve Alten

iTunes The Loch – Steve Alten

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