Book: Ruins (The X Files 4) by Kevin J Anderson

Our adventure begins in a lost Mayan city called Xitaclan. It been abandoned for many, many years. This is the first time that archaeologists have every worked on the site.

Cassandra Rubicon, is granted the honor to lead this dig. However, she and her entire team disappear. Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. Mulder, of course, thinks something paranormal is going on. There are ancient curses, blood sacrifices and reptilian monsters all spoken about over the course of history.

Meanwhile, Scully just thinks they are lost and need finding. However, the people they think are going to help them are actually their foes. Cassandra’s father, accompanies them to find his daughter. But sadly, he meets an early demise.

During the investigation they all get trapped at Xitaclan as a US commando unit shows up and a small war breaks out between them and some local rebels. Mulder breaks away and climbs down a now empty cenote and discovers the find of his life.

Why was a US commando unit deployed to Xitaclan? Does the site survive the war? Is the secret of Xitaclan finally revealed? What happened to Cassandra and her team? Do Scully and Mulder make it out alive?

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iTunes The X-Files: Ruins – Kevin J. Anderson

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