Book: Rules of Prey [Lucas Davenport #1] by John Sandford

Lucas Davenport is the book version of Criminal Minds, only he works alone and with a different set of standards. Understanding Lucas is not the easiest thing. Conventional is not a word you would use to describe him. I’d describe him as an unethical, womanizer, without conscience who happily breaks the rules to get the job done [and believe me he does].

This book was lengthy at 479 pages. At some points I felt like I’d never make it to the end of the chapter. I had to want to finish this book and I did. It felt long to me because as the reader you found out immediately who the killer was, but the police don’t find out till well past the halfway point.

The cat and mouse game that the Maddog and Lucas played was fun but one sided. I kept plodding on in the book because I wanted to see if the Maddog killer got caught. He’s like most serial killers. He’s a male who targets females. But Maddog is different or least he tries to be. He has rules, he leaves notes. He’s even bold enough to call Lucas at his house. He believes that he can’t be caught, that he can go on killing forever. I think ultimately this hubris undid him.

He kills two women before anyone realizes what’s going on. But one female he attacks takes him by surprise and fights him off. And she fought with him enough to notice things. Lucas interviews her repeatedly and gets a number of clues about who the attacker is. With these clues he builds his net, at first very wide, but over the course of the case it narrows.

He uses a female tv reporter as bait to try and catch the Maddog…does it work? Does he catch him? Can the Maddog let the survivor live? Does Lucas win? Does Maddog win?

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