Book: Retirement Can Be Murder by Phil Edwards

Jake Russo is a New York reporter. However, his boss turns his life upside down when he reassigns him to a Florida retirement community. Writing about bridge and shuffleboard games is not what he had hoped for. Neither is his new camera man Gary, a sweet but uncoordinated 80 plus year old. As a result he’s not happy or sticking to his diet.

He doesn’t really feel like the seniors have much to offer, but they win him over. He becomes friends with a woman named Charlotte. She shares her frustrations with him about being banned from playing bridge and also her fear that she is being stalked. Not long after she confides in him she is found dead on the beach. Most don’t think anything of it, but Jake thinks she was murdered.

All the while there is a big story going on in the area, but Jake’s boss doesn’t want him anywhere near it. A large contractor wants to build in the nearby wetlands. However, he’s getting a lot resistance which has prevented him from moving forward and he’s not happy. Jake wonders if this project might relate to Charlotte’s death and the strange goings on.

Who killed Charlotte? Why are the seniors so afraid? Can Jake become the reporter he has always dreamed of and solve the case?

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Amazon Retirement Can Be Murder (A Jake Russo Mystery Book 1)

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