Book: Stone of Destiny by Thor Stonewell

This book starts out with a man on a cliff. He chooses to jump off the cliff to his own death rather than tell his kidnappers how to find what they seek.

Enter Trevor Emerson. An unsuspecting American who happens into the madcap conspiracy. He has something at stake as well though. He’s not trying to solve this mystery for his own gain, but to save his grandfathers life.

His quest is to find the Stone of Destiny. It has quite the history. Currently, it is supposed to reside in Westminster Abbey. But is that the real stone or a replica?

Trevor winds up travelling all over the United Kingdom searching for clues. He visits Edinburgh Castle, Piccadilly Circus, King Arthur’s ancient Isle of Avalon and even Stonehenge. Exploring tunnels under Stonehenge happens to be my favorite part of the book (even though it’s clearly fictional). Everywhere he goes someone is trying to kill him. Even in those underground tunnels.

But how will he solve the mystery if he is dead? Will the kidnappers keep their word and return his grandfather unharmed? Where is the real Stone of Destiny?

You can find out by clicking one of the links below.

Amazon Stone of Destiny by Thor Stonewell

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