Family Matters S03, Ep07 – Robo-Nerd

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 7

Title: Robo-Nerd

Original Air Date: November 1, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Laura, the most beautiful sister in the world.
Laura: Forget it Eddie. Laura Savings and Loan is closed.

* Rachel: Step and sway. Step and sway.
Harriet: Gotta take his breath away.

* Carl: Great, my wife and sister-in-law are giving my mother floozy lessons.

* Mother Winslow: Carl, I’m your mother. You show me respect. I know you’re stubborn as a mule but you don’t have to act like a jackass.

* Eddie: Wow, you invented robo-nerd.

* Laura: Urkel-Bot’s kind of cute.
Urkel-Bot: And you, my dear, are a site for sore optical scanners.

* Urkel-Bot: This is war nerd boy.


Eddie comes home and tries to butter up Laura. She tells him the bank is closed. He wants to borrow $50. He didn’t stop at a stop sign. She tells him she can’t help, she’s savings for a new computer. Steve comes into the kitchen. He gets fish sticks out of the freezer. He eats them frozen. He’s building a robot for the national robotics contest. The first prize is a computer. Laura gets excited. Laura asks if he wins if she could borrow it. He tells her he has a used computer from NASA. If he wins, she can have the computer. She gets so excited she hugs Steve. He starts shaking from head to toe. He calms down but then faints. It’s another day and the adults are watching a game show. They can’t solve the puzzle, but the kids can. Mother Winslow comes out in a new red dress. Carl wants to know where she is going. She has a date with Fletcher Thomas. Carl is not happy. He waits up and falls asleep in the living room. Mother Winslow comes at 6am. Carl tries to tell his mother that Fletcher is off limits. She gives him a lecture. Another day in the kitchen and Eddie is trying to get the money for his ticket from Waldo. Steve barges in asking for Laura. Steve brings Eddi and Waldo into the living room to meet Urkel-Bot. Steve powers it on and it comes to life. It knocks over a table and uses Steve’s line, “did I do that?” He’s programmed it with artificial intelligence, and it can walk, talk and think for itself. Laura joins them and Urkel-Bot gets excited. Urkel-Bot asks Laura if she is hot for Steve. He then makes a pass at Laura. She runs off. Urkel-Bot goes a little crazy when Steve tries to turn him off. He also figured out how to override his off switch. It’s another day and Carl calls for his mother to come out. He apologizes to her. They have a conversation and also discuss Carl’s father. Down in Steve’s basement, Urkel-Bot kisses and breaks a picture of Laura. The door to the basement rings and Laura announces herself. She risks it to try and find Steve. Urkel-Bot tells her he tricked her into coming over. He can mimic voices. She demands to know where Steve is. Steve is locked in the closet. Steve tries to break down the closet door but doesn’t succeed on the first try. When Urkel-Bot causes Laura to scream he manages to knock it down. Urkel-Bot tries to kill Steve. He grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays him with it. The robot finally shuts down. Laura thanks Steve for saving her. Even though the robot nearly killed them both, Steve makes her feel better. He goes off on a tangent and she lets herself out.

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