The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep04 – Spoils Alert

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 4

Title: Spoils Alert

Original Air Date: November 23, 2021

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Marty, Laird and other team members go to the swamp. This is the southeast corner where the indigenous people pottery was found. They have to stop work on the eastern border of the swamp until it’s been checked out. He lays out the zone that they cannot work in right now. They cannot work on the ships wharf or stone road for the time being. The newly uncovered stone path is now off limits too. Laird states that these stone features were not made my indigenous people. Back at the money pit, the first sample from D-1 at 85 feet is handed over. The sample comes back with nothing. Next sample is at 89 feet. Now it gets interesting. There are several beams. It is evidence of either a shaft or a tunnel. Rick heads over after being notified of the wood find. Lot 18 has Charles, Billy and another associate taking a look at the Dunfield spoils pile. The pit he dug was 100 across and 140 feet deep. He never actually went through all the dirt he dug up. Billy is tasked with digging through these spoils and laying them out in a way that Gary can metal detect them and people can go through by hand as well. Rick’s hope is that there is something of significance in all this dirt. Gary starts detecting and it doesn’t take long to get a hit. He thinks he has found a chisel. In the research center, Sr. Spooner is asked to look at something found on Lot 16. It’s the round stone. He says he does not think its native to the area. They had not shown Dr. Spooner the first one that was found. They show him now. Dr. Spooner has someone who can check these out more. Back at the money pit, there is a metal hit in the sample. It is a small metal object. Rick joins them for a detailed report. Wood and metal have been found. The small metal object is tested by the XRF machine. Au or gold is found, 0.20%. This piece of metal was found at 75 feet depth. Marty thinks there is an offset chamber or tunnel that’s not as deep. He also wants this tested by Dr. Christa Brosseau. The next day they have a video meeting with Dr. Reaside. He has analyzed the two gun stones. He thinks they are basalt rock and Gabriel rock. This is not native to Oak Island. These types of stones would be from the Canary Islands based on how nature makes them. They require volcanic highlands. It links to both the Spanish and Portuguese. The big question is how did they get on Oak Island. Marty states these types of gun stones or gun shot were phased out in the 1600s. The focus shifts back to the Dunfield spoils pile. Billy points out there is wood in his bucket and there’s a lot of wood in that section. Jack pulls out a hand hewn or hand cut piece of wood. Gary detects in the same area and gets a hit. He finds a cribbing spike. It’s another day and Dr. Christa Brosseau herself joins the team in the war room. She is presenting the analysis of the small metal object. She confirms there is manganese in one spot. She the announces there are 3 or 4 large gold flakes and several smaller ones. The composition of the gold flakes is similar to the gold in CD4.5. Almost an identical match. The gold is stuck into the metal piece. It’s been transferred to the piece. She also tells them that based on the composition of the gold that it came from South America. It’s a 14-carat gold or a rose gold. It’s not a naturally occurring gold composition. It has been made by humans. It’s very possible this gold is Tumbaga. Marty thanks her for the incredible information.

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