Family Matters S03, Ep04 – Words Hurt

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 4

Title: Words Hurt

Original Air Date: October 11, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: Steve Urkel just walked into our bedroom and bopped me on the head with a newspaper.

* Harriet: It’s dangerous to wake a sleepwalker.
Carl: Oh, no problem, I think I can kill him without waking him up.

* Steve: Oh poppycock. Why would I bash the father of the woman I love?

* Harriet: Steve, you were sleepwalking.
Steve: Hmm, well that might explain why this morning I woke up in the dairy case at the 7-11.

* Dr. Goodrich: Steve, why are you angry at Carl?
Steve: Because he hates me, and he wants me to move away and never come back.

* Laura: Can you fix it dad?
Carl: Four and a half months of work and now it’s junk.


Steve sleepwalks into Carl and Harriet’s bedroom and hits him over the head with a newspaper. He wakes Harriet, but she thinks he wants something else. He tells her what Steve did. She insists that he dreamed it. She goes back to sleep. He gets up to barricade the door. That night he wakes up again to find Steve climbing in the window. He wakes Harriet up so she can see for herself what is going on. Steve hits Carl with a newspaper again. Carl jumps out of bed to attack him but realizes that Steve is sleepwalking. Steve continues hitting him. When he takes one newspaper away, he pulls out another. The next day Steve enters the kitchen with a newspaper and Carl jumps and runs away screaming. Harriet informs him what he did last night. Steve doesn’t believe it. Harriet informs him he was sleepwalking. He then tells them he woke up in the dairy case at the 7-11. He apologizes for hitting him on the head while he hits him again. Another day, Carl is pacing. A doctor is working with Steve in the kitchen. They come out and Steve is helping him, instead of the other way around. Then he has Steve sit to hypnotize him. Once under, the doctor has each Winslow say hi to Steve. When Carl says hi, Steve growls. When asked why he is mad at Carl he reveals that Carl hates him and wants him to move away. Carl thinks it’s a joke. Carl defends himself. The doctor asks Steve to go back in time to when he felt the anger. He tells them it was about month ago a few hours before the costume party. We then see Harriet working on Laura’s costume in the kitchen. Carl is there too. He finished his clipper ship. It took four months. Steve arrives as a knight on a horse. Harriet does not want the horse in her house. He gets off but can barely move. He has a jousting stick in hand. He walks over to Carl’s boat and puts his jousting stick down next to it. Then compliments Laura on her costume. When he goes to pick up his jousting stick he knocks Carl’s boat on the floor, then falls on it, then walks on it a few times. He apologizes. Carl tells him he is very upset, so he needs to leave for his own safety. Steve leaves and then Carl cries. He can’t fix it and four and a half months of work is now garbage. This is when he said what upset Steve. Everyone turns on Carl. Carl didn’t know Steve was there when he said it. Steve is brought back out of hypnosis. He asks if he remembers what Carl said. Steve does. Then he gets up and leaves. In the kitchen, Carl calls Steve to apologize. Steve comes over with lie detector he built. Carl thinks the machine is a joke and agrees to do it. He’s adjusted the machine so that if Carl tells a lie, he will get a shock. Steve laughs evilly as he powers it up. Steve asks him some easy questions first. He lies about his age and gets shocked. He asks Carl if he hates him. He answers no, and the machine doesn’t shock him. Then he lies twice and gets shocked twice. The fourth time, no shock. Carl really does care about it. He decides to talk to him. He starts lying in the story he tells Steve and gets shocked again. Carl apologizes and Steve accepts. While Carl is still attached to the machine, Harriet asks some hard questions. He keeps getting shocked.

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