The Curse of Oak Island S08,Ep16 – Leather Bound

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 16

Title: Leather Bound

Original Air Date: March 2, 2021

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The brothers head to the swamp to see the progress and get an update from the site archeologists. It’s likely a harbor and this was a road for unloading and loading. Another part has been uncovered, so they think they have the two ends of the cobblestones. Over 400 feet of this path has now been uncovered. They want to continue to uncover more of it. Marty hops in the excavator to help clear more overburden for the archaeologists. They do some digging with shovels and trowels. They find more rocks, wood and stones. They bring in Steve to measure the height of the new cobblestones to determine if it is consistent with the over part of the feature. It all matches. Both are 1.5 feet above sea level. At the money pit, C4.5 is the new core hole being drilled. Terry shows the top of a tunnel at about 87.5 feet deep. Rick immediately comes over to the money pit to see what has been found. Per Rick, based on the grid there is now a very small area where the original money pit lies. Back at the swamp, the stone road investigation continues. They also find a lot of coal on one end of this road. A notched leather strap is found as well. The next day, Gary and Rick go to Lot 25. Laird got approval for surface investigation while he leads a team in excavating the site. Gary has already searched for non-ferrous finds and flagged them. Gary reminds him, no one has been on this lot in a very long time. Gary thinks the first find is a lead splash or musket ball. The next hit could be part of a pocket watch. Doug and Charles go to see a leather expert in Halifax. He thinks it could be a book strap, a stationary or ledger book binding. He dates it to the 1600s. It’s used for a ships log or inventory, things of that nature. They need to test the tannins used to color the leather and they can determine where it came from. Back at Lot 25, they keep getting hits. The next hit is a flat button. Doug calls Rick. He tells Rick what he learned. Back at the swamp, the cobblestones continued to be uncovered. Rick thinks he found pottery. Aaron Taylor educates on ceramics. He thinks this piece is earthenware. He tries the tongue sticking test. It does stick. Mr. Taylor thinks that they were cleaning up as they went along. Normally, at a site like this there would be a lot of artifacts and there are hardly any here. In the war room, Doug updates everyone about hitting the tunnel at 87.5 foot depth. Craig has some quick return test on C5. The first 1726-1813 and 1648-1694 for the second piece of wood. Craig is excited about finding tunnels, but his concern is: are they finding just one tunnel or are they hitting several and not aware of that. That afternoon, work continues in the money pit on the newest borehole DC3. At 87.5 feet on this bore hole core sample has more wood. They now know there is a tunnel, but not exactly where it’s going. Is this the money pit?

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