Family Matters S03, Ep03 – The Show Must Go On

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 3

Title: The Show Must Go On

Original Air Date: October 4, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mother Winslow: Carl hasn’t moved that fast since he chased a donut downhill.

* Steve: What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Laura is the sun.

* Mother Winslow: Steve, why don’t you try out for Romeo?
Eddie: No, that would make it a comedy.

* Rachel: You are related to me and I am a wonderful actress.
Harriet: That’s right. I’ve seen her tell a man she was 23 and not even blink.

* Rachel: Can you feel it, Laura? Can you feel a pain?
Laura: I feel a pain Aunt Rachel and I’m hoping it will go back into the kitchen.

* Carl: I don’t think that this night can get any worse.
Steve: Heidy ho Winslow’s.
Carl: I was wrong.

* Steve: So when we perform the famous balcony scene it will be my lips pressed hotly against yours.
Laura: Aunt Rachel.
Rachel: Yes, Laura?
Laura: I found that pain.

* Carl: No, no, I am not going. This is my daughter’s big moment and I’m going to be here to see it. Sorry Lieutenant but this line is out of order.

* Steve: I turned a magical moment into a three-ring circus.

* Steve: We couldn’t finish the play. I leveled Verona.


Carl is cleaning the house. His boss walks in the open door. He teases Carl. Murtagh acts sexist towards Carl. He then gives him a beeper. It’s time for Carl’s annual performance review. Carl tries to assert himself, but Harriet walks in in a suit with flowers for Carl. Another morning, everyone comes down the stairs wanting breakfast. Before he eats, Carl gets a page from Murtagh. Steve enters and starts reciting Romeo and Juliet. The auditions for the school play are being held today. Mother Winslow encourages Steve to try out for the play. However, he’s already been made stage manager. He then exits. Rachel asks Laura if she plans to try out for Juliet. She’s not sure. Carl heads off to pick up Murtagh’s uniform at the dry cleaners. It’s now the end of tryouts and Steve keeps repeating everything the teacher says on his megaphone. She gets annoyed. She announces Daniel Wallace will play Romeo. Juliet is down to two girls: Maxine or Laura. She asks Daniel to read with both. Maxine is first. Maxine does not do so well. Laura does a great job though. Daniel leans in for a kiss, which causes Steve to scream “Cut!!!” and run over and break it up. Carl and Harriet are having a date night. As they leave, Murtagh pages Carl again. Rachel is giving Laura acting tips. Harriet shushes Rachel as Carl is on the phone. But their date night is over already. Harriet is not happy. She hits Rachel with a pillow. Steve comes over. He has horrible news. Daniel Wallace is out of the play with appendicitis. Steve is now going to play Romeo. It’s the night of the play and Carl is making a scene. Rachel informs Harriet the balcony scene is next. Carl’s pager goes off. He decides he is going to ignore it. He actually smashes the pager. The balcony scene begins. Steve pulls out a tree and then moves to the balcony. Laura comes out look glum. She says her lines, sadly. He climbs up to the balcony. Then falls. He prepares for the kiss. Rachel and Harriet are already cringing. Laure delivers her lines with extreme sorrow. She gives him a peck on the lips and starts to scream and go crazy. He cuts the cord holding the moon with his dagger and the entire set comes crashing down. Everyone laughs and applauds. Later, Steve apologizes to the teacher. She informs him that she is retiring from theater arts. She asks what class he is not taking next semester. She decides to teach home ec because he won’t be taking it. Laura comes out to check on Steve and see if he is ok. They talk. She cheers him up by telling him they audience loved how the play ended.

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