The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep10 – Connecting the Lots

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 10

Title: Connecting the Lots

Original Air Date: January 12, 2021

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At the swamp, they want to dig all round the feature to see how its oriented. They stake all around it to mark its borders. As they dig they find more parts of the feature, it’s a wood structure. It could be separate and just next to the feature they are uncovering. Now the area to dig grows in size and depth. They think it was road built to move something and want to find out how far it goes as well. More cribbing gets uncovered as well. At the money pit, another small core hole begins to try and find the void where the treasure lays due to cave ins. This core sample has a weird spot with some slushy material, but the rest is quite firm. Jack leads a spoils search of the previous seasons dig. They find a rose head spike. Jack thinks it predates the money pit and texts Laird to take a look. He says it could go to the 1700s and it is an iron rose head spike. The next day, Craig Tester is on the island for the first time this season. He meets with the team in the war room. Craig has a new set of bore holes to drill. His goal is to find the Chappell Vault. Back at the swamp, the stone pathway is still being dug up. Gary goes out and starts to metal detect the spoils pile. Gary finds a coin. Next he finds an ox shoe nail. Craig goes to the money pit area. He’s focused on the tunnel that was discovered. Charles confirms there is no tunnel at that depth in the historical records. They core sample includes the depth of 149 feet. They search it carefully. There’s no wood though. Gary is now metal detecting at the serpent mound. He finds another spike. This one is square headed. Craig heads back to the money pit to be informed of a development. A tunnel about 100 feet deep by OC1 has been found. Another core sample is hauled over to be inspected. The stone road feature in the swamp is now 70 feet by 20 feet. Rick calls Marty to update him on the road feature in the swamp. The feature has stones and also poles running under the stone as a support. They have another meeting in the war room and video with Dr. Brosseau. She has analyzed the two metal spikes. The rose head spike and is pre 1840s. She thinks both spikes were made at the same time. They predate the money pit. Marty wonders if the serpent mound is actually the spoils of the money pit.

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