Family Matters S02, Ep24 – The Good, The Bad and The Urkel

Show: Family Matters

Season: 2

Episode: 24

Title: The Good, the Bad and the Urkel

Original Air Date: April 19, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: Well that’s big talk coming from a little quack. And then next thing I know he slam dunked me into the compost heap.

* Harriet: Carl why must you constantly kill people?

Carl: Because I’m the sheriff and that’s one of the perks.

* Two-Gun Urkel: Well, it’s going to be lights out for you too sheriff. Say your prayers, you’re about to meet your maker.

* Carl: I’m right sorry for what happened two gun but your pa was a public menace.

Two-Gun Urkel: Maybe so, but he was my pa.


Laura and Judy come downstairs and ask if they are gorgeous. Harriet says dress up is ok but not outside of the house. Carl comes in looking like he blew up. He tells them to call 911 as there’s about to be a murder. He smells horrible and Harriet asks what happens. He got a stench from Dr. Urkel’s compost heap. He went over to talk to him about it. They got into a verbal fight and Dr. Urkel managed to throw Carl in the compost heap. His mother makes fun of him. Carl then hit him and Dr. Urkel started crying. Steve comes in the door extremely angry. Steve has to defend the family honor. Carl kicks him out. Carl lays on the couch and nods off. He’s suddenly in the Old West and Rachel’s Place is a saloon. Rachel also performs there. Harriet comes in and she and Rachel have words. Harriet is looking for Carl, the Sheriff. Laura and Judy are waitressing. Shots are fired and Carl comes in. He just shot a man, it was Doc Urkel. Rachel defends Carl for shooting Doc Urkel. It’s now just a matter of time before two gun Urkel arrives. And now he arrives. He wants revenge. But Urkel accidentally shoots down the chandelier. Meanwhile, we see Carl still asleep on the couch as the dream continues. The sheriff’s gun belt falls off. They have a conversation about his pa. Laura tries to use Steve’s feelings for her to save her dad. They have more words. They each show of their shooting skill in the saloon. The two set up a duel for the next day at high noon. It’s now the time of the duel. Carl thinks Urkel didn’t come, but he got held up at the bathroom. The duel in the saloon. They both pull their guns and shoot. Urkel misses but Carl doesn’t. He hits two gun. Two gun makes it up to the balcony and then falls off the second story to the floor below. He gives a very long farewell speech. He finally dies. Carl repeatedly apologizes. He’s still on the couch asleep but he keeps saying “I’m sorry” over and over. Steve wakes him up and Carl is so excited to see him he picks him up and hugs him. Steve is prepared to avenge is father. Carl tells him to calm down. They aren’t going to fight. He’s going over to apologize right now. Carl even apologizes to Steve. The two hug.

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