Family Matters S02, Ep21 – Taking Credit

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Taking Credit
Original Air Date: March 15, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: Do you know how proud we all were of you when you got that A+ on your last report card?
Laura: Proud? I was dumbfounded.

* Laura: Wait a minute. You’re trying to buy Eddie’s friendship?
Steve: No, I’m not. I’m leasing with an option to buy.

* Mother Winslow: That Helen Winters always flapping her gums about her daughter for being a tv writer. Wait till I tell her my grandson is a real writer.

* Steve: Oh Laura, my love, the wind has chapped my lips. Would you care to heal them with a kiss?

* Steve: I’m not your personal doormat. I’m her doormat.

* Richie: Whoa, no one should take credit for this, this cake could kill you.

Synopsis: Harriet and Mother Winslow come home from shopping. Mother Winslow hits her with a joke. Ritchie and Judy bring a piece of cake to Rachel to try. Her face says just how hideous is it. Judy tells her they put horse radish in it. Rachel now understands why her sinuses are clear. Ritchie then tries to take credit for the cake. He and Judy break into a fight. Rachel decides to tell the pair two different stories about taking credit. The first story has Laura and Eddie hiding from Steve. But he’s already at their house. He makes a gross sandwich. Harriet comes down quite excited. Steve gives Harriet a compliment that goes badly. She hands Eddie a paper for a writing contest. He does not want to enter. Harriet goes on about how much Eddie’s writing has improved and that he got an A+ on his most recent report card in English. Laura still can’t believe it. Harriet leaves and Steve says he’ll starting writing this evening. Laura realizes that Steve has been doing all Eddies papers. Steve says he’s doing it so he can go camping with Eddie and Rodney. Rachel then starts the second story. Carl and his boss were working on a stakeout. His boss can’t even use the binoculars correctly. Carl asks his boss if he has any idea when the suspects will move. He then tries to speak of Carl’s family and gets every name wrong. However, he gets Rachel’s name right. He says he might call her some time. Carl is horrified. They start discussing names. His boss actually legally changed his first name to Lieutenant. The Lt. tells him he needs this bust. He was caught wearing the current captains uniform. Rachel goes back to the first story about writing. Steve’s essay for Eddie won first place. Ritchie is confused thinking that Steve won the contest. Harriet and Mother Winslow are off to do some phone bragging. Eddie is a little happy about. Steve comes over and makes a pass at Laura. Eddie tells him his short story won first prize. Steve is not worried about the credit, he’s excited about the camping. Eddie gets fidgety and tells him Rodney does not want Steve to come. Eddie tells him he’ll take him another time. But finally, Steve has had enough and he stands up to Eddie. He gives him a tongue and says he’s no longer going to let him take advantage of him. Steve gives him an ultimatum. Eddie says he’s going to tell his mom the truth and then call Rodney and tell him Steve is going whether he likes it or not. Back in the living room, Judy asks about her Dad’s stakeout. Turns out it’s on the 10th night. Carl is starting to lose his patience with Lt. Murtagh. The Lt leaves to get some food. While he is gone, Carl sees the sale happen and starts photographing it after he kills the lights. He also calls it in. However, Murtagh comes back while the buy is going down and tips off the bad guys. They open fire. Carl is forced to call in the back up to make the arrest. The press interview the pair. Murtagh doesn’t have any of the answers and Carl graciously steps in and saves him. Murtagh is happy its over. He thinks they will both get a promotion. He asks Carl why he covered for him and gave him the credit. He goes on about how Carl chose to share the glory when he could have hogged it. And then he hugs Carl. Before the two head off to bed, Ritchies tries the cake. He’s not impressed by what they did.

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