The Golden Girls S02, Ep16 – And Then There Was One

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: And Then There Was One
Original Air Date: January 31, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Oh Ma are you nuts? This is for people who walk a lot.
Sophia: So what do I do, hover?

* Sophia: You know I just realized the best reason of all to join this walkathon.
Dorothy: What’s that Mom?
Sophia: I get away from this ditz for a whole day.

* Rose: Norman would you like to play with a potato head?
Norman: Sure what would you like to do?

* Blanche: I guess if you are gonna relate to a child it helps to have the mind of a child.
Dorothy: Blanche, where would you get a crazy idea like that?

* Blanche: Well, you never get use to sleeping alone. I haven’t.
Dorothy: Honey, Siamese twins sleep alone more than you do.

* Rose: Isn’t that amazing? When the diapers get dirty the cute little teddy bears disappear.
Dorothy: That’s not amazing, whenever my kids diapers would get dirty my husband would disappear.

* Dorothy: Oh rose, face it you march to a different drummer.

* Sophia: There’s 90 years of mother here and you can’t keep the kid quiet?

* Blanche: She was just my last chance to prove I could be a good mother and a friend.

Synopsis: Sophia is cooking pasta in the kitchen. She made pasta for breakfast. Dorothy and the ladies are all surprised and ask her about the pasta one by one. She is carbohydrate loading for a charity walkathon. Dorothy thinks she nuts and can’t do it. Blanche says they should do it to. Rose signed them up, but not for walking, for babysitting participants kids on race day. After some discussion they all agree babysitting is easier than walking. Rose tells a story about a man who tried to eliminate pond scum from Lake St. Olaf. Sophia realizes that doing the walkathon will get her away from Rose for a whole day and is thrilled. It’s now race day. The girls are getting ready for all the kids. Blanche is worried the kids will destroy her house. Sophia comes out ready for her walk. Dorothy asks her to be careful and not overdo it. The first kid is dropped off, he’s not a very nice kid. He insults Rose within minutes. Out on the lanai, several kinds are playing with clay. Norman smashes all but his, so Rose smashes his. Norman starts ripping pages out of a book and Blanche yells at him. Dorothy decides to try the teacher method. She quickly gives up and lets Blanche do as she wishes. Then Norman insults Blanche. Rose leads a parade out on the lanai, banging a lid. She wakes all the babies. Later that night, there is one baby left that has not been picked up. Rose and Dorothy are not having any luck quieting the baby. They put her in Blanche’s arms and she instantly calms down. The doorbell rings and it’s Sophia. She tells them how the race went. It’s a lively story. She had a small hiccup when she crashed into a wall. Sophia heads off to bed. The phone rings, there is still no sign of her parents. There is now concern that the baby has been abandoned. Dorothy chides Blanche for constantly picking up the baby. Dorothy calls the police about the baby. They have two choices: they can wait for children’s protective services to contact them or take the baby to the police station. Rose tells a story about almost being abandoned at a carnival when she was nine. She annoys Dorothy. They all discuss what is to happen to the baby. Dorothy and Rose head out to the all night market for supplies. They come back with what they needed. Blanche comes in and shushes them. In the kitchen they each tells stories about when their kids were babies. Blanche gets excited and decides they should raise Emily themselves. Blanche tells them she missed a lot of her kids experiences as she had a nanny for her kids. Later, Blanche is asleep on the couch. She wakes when the baby cries and picks her up. She tells her a story. The baby seems to respond back. Rose and Dorothy also join her. The three go to the kitchen. Sophia comes in the kitchen and chides them. The doorbell rings. Sophia thinks it’s paparazzi. When Dorothy opens the door it’s a man who says he’s Emily’s father. Dorothy yells at him. Turns out he spoke to Sophia. She misunderstood and didn’t pass the message on to the girls. Blanche is really sad about the baby leaving. Dorothy tries to comfort her. Sophia tries to hit up Dorothy and Rose for $20. Dorothy doesn’t fall for it, but Rose does. In the kitchen, Blanche calls her daughter Janet. She would like to go visit her, but Janet doesn’t want to see her. She would like to mend fences and repair their relationship. Suddenly, Janet suggest this coming weekend and Blanche agrees. She tells her she loves her before she hangs up.

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