‘The Walking Dead’ is “Working on” Bringing Lauren Cohan Back

Maggie Rhee was MIA during the 9th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, however, it looks like that may change next season. According to the showrunner Angela Kang, discussions are in progress regarding Lauren Cohan’s return.

Kang recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and was asked if Cohan would return for the 10th season. Of course, Kang couldn’t answer with a definite yes or no, but her answer was still pretty clear. She said:

“I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now actually. I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”
Cohan exited the series amidst difficulties with contract negotiations. Additionally, she began working on a new series at ABC, Whiskey Cavalier. Her exit from the show didn’t receive the typical fanfare expected of a main character send-off. Instead, her character quietly exited the series when the show took a massive 9-year time jump into the future. Viewers discovered later on that Maggie left Hilltop, with baby Hershel in tow. She ventured off to help rebuild other communities with Georgie’s group. It was an anti-climatic exit for Walking Dead fans, but Cohan said is several interviews that Maggie’s story was left open-ended, presumably to allow room for her potential return.

Unfortunately, a second season is not in the cards for Whiskey Cavalier. As such, it would seem the doors are open for Cohan to reprise her role on The Walking Dead or perhaps in one of the show’s spinoffs or in the upcoming films.

Hopefully, fans will learn more about Maggie Rhee’s fate when The Walking Dead cast and crew take the stage at San Diego Comic-Con next week. The Walking Dead SDCC panel will take place on Friday, July 19th, at 1 PM PST.

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