Family Matters S02, Ep17 – High Hopes

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: High Hopes
Original Air Date: February 1, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rachel: It must have been such a strange feeling breaking into a sweat and dizzy and losing your breath.
* Mother Winslow: What’s so strange? The same thing happens to me when I see Denzel Washington.

* Harriet: I know it, I know it, I know.
DJ: What is it? What is it? What is it?

* Carl: What do you want?
Steve: No more games of squish the Urkel.

* Steve: They actually give this guy bullets?

* Steve: I just stared the Grim Reaper right in the face and let me tell you he’s one ugly dude.

Synopsis: Carl comes home angry and looking like he got dragged through quite a lot. Harriet asks him why he is so upset. He tries to explain that he was chasing a suspect on a roof and he looked over the edge and got sweaty, dizzy and had a melt down. Turns out he was 100 stories up. He tried to crawl down the stairs but tripped and rolled down the last 60 or so flights. Later Harriet and Rachel go into the kitchen discussing Carl’s reaction to the height. Mother Winslow comments on how that’s how she reacts to Denzel Washington. They get interrupted with a phone call. Harriet freaks out and yells at Rachel to turn on the radio. She has to name the song to wind a car. A snippet plays. Rachel comes up with the song and wins the car. Harriet goes into a full blown celebration about winning car, but Rachel is not having it since she was the one who knew the answer. They fight. Mother Winslow is forced to try and break it up, but they don’t listen. The next day, Eddie is trying to help Carl with his fear of heights with a stepladder. However, the phone rings and Eddie takes off. Steve comes over and a very startled Carl falls off the stepladder and lands on him. Carl winds up telling Steve about his issues with heights. While they are talking, Murtaugh arrives. Carl asks him why he is there. Murtaugh brings up the issue with heights and makes an issue of it. He instructs him to get help immediately. Carl tells him it’s a vicious rumor. He leaves and Carl freaks out. Steve has an idea. Carl is not interested. But Steve says his idea will fix his fear in one day. Carl finally gives in. Steve tells him he just has to trust him and do as he says. Carl is already worried. The next morning, Steve takes him to a hot air balloon. Carl does not want to, but Steve reminds him that if he doesn’t get over this problem he will lose his job. The operator tells them he’s ready to go. The two get in, but the operator walks away to get his maps. Steve decides to pull the chain and it lifts up a bit. Steve manages to cause to balloon to go up, up and away. He only makes maters worse by pulling on it over and over. He finally unsticks it. They are quite high. He gets Carl to look and he faints. Back at the house, Rachel and Harriet are still fighting over the car. Mother Winslow has finally had enough and yells at them and gives them a lecture. Then they argue over who gets the car. Mother Winslow breaks them up again. She suggests they sell the car and split the money. They love the idea and make up. Back in the hot air balloon, Carl is still freaking out. Apparently, his screams are getting shorter. Suddenly, an airplane is coming right at them. It turns at the last minute to not hit them. Carl ducks in the basket, but Steve falls out and its holding on for dear life. Carl saves him. Steve points out that Carl saved his life and didn’t think about the height. Later at the house, Steve tells them how Carl saved his life. Steve heads home using the hot air balloon, which he landed at their house.

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