Family Matters S02, Ep15 – Son

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Son
Original Air Date: January 11, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: Steve, this is a family discussion.
Steve: And I’m darn proud to be part of it.

* Carl: Is this your screwdriver hunting outfit? Lipstick on the collar. Were you necking with the weedwhacker again?

* Harriet: Carl be fair, your goat’s gotten older and it’s easier to get.
Carl: Oh sure, take his side.

* Harriet: Look at this, the two most important men in my life acting like big babies.

Synopsis: Carl is preparing to happily watch a sports game. Ritchie, Rachel and Harriet arrive with a big box and they block the tv. They want Carl to put the playhouse together. Ritchie wins. Carl is putting the playhouse together as Steve comes over. The instruction book is a small book. Steve reads the steps to him in Korean. He’s upset because three words are misspelled. Days later Carl is upset because a screw driver is missing. Carl asks Eddie about it. He doesn’t remember where he put it. He’s talking to his girlfriend. It escalates into an argument. Eddie tries to head upstairs to get ready for his date. Carl is not amused and he grounds him. Steve thinks he over reacted. Carl kicks him out. Eddie tries to sneak out, but Laura catches him. She warns him not to go, but he does anyway. That night he tries to sneak back in, but Carl catches him. Carl has the screwdriver. Steve used a metal detector to find it. Eddie confesses to going to the concert with Jolene. Carl informs him that he went up to his room to apologize. He then grounds Eddie for one month, then two months, then three months. Eddie decides to move out. That night the playhouse is still in pieces. Harriet and Rachel come out to talk to Carl. She feels guilty for what happened. She has a melt down. Carl doesn’t want to settle things with Eddie. Harriet warns him if Eddie leaves he’ll be sleeping on the couch. Harriet finds Eddie in the kitchen packing junk food. Eddie tells her he doesn’t even think his father likes him. She leaves the kitchen and tells Eddie to stay. Harriet pushes Carl into the kitchen and they start fighting. But Harriet makes them stop and informs them she is going to tell them a story. She gives the date of Eddie’s birthday as the date of the story. They just moved in the house and Harriet went into labor. They were snowed in and couldn’t get to the hospital. Carl is a hot mess. She tries to give him instructions in between contractions. The phones started working again and they were able to reach the doctor. He could only get there via skis but he was a little late. Eddie apologizes for Carl for losing the screw driver. Carl tells him a story about using his dad’s hammer to stir paint. They make up and Eddie decides to stay.

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