‘Gremlins’ Animated Series in the Works at Warner Bros.

The Gremlins franchise is about to make a major comeback, but not with another feature film sequel or an expensive reboot. This time around, the Gremlins are getting an animated TV series.

Variety revealed on Monday that Warner Bros. was working on an animated Gremlins series that would air exclusively on the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service. Warner Bros. Television will produce the series alongside Amblin Entertainment, though both studios declined to comment on the story.

This new series will be a period piece that will act as a prequel to the films, centered around Mr. Wing, who will be a young man going on adventures with Mogwai Gizmo.

WB already has some significant creative talent attached to the project as Tze Chun is set to write and executive produce this new Gremlins adventure. Chun is known for writing and producing hit shows like Gotham and Once Upon a Time. He’s also made waves in the comic industry late,y co-founding new publisher TKO Studios.

Like Disney, Warner Bros. is making a serious move into the streaming game. The WarnerMedia service, which doesn’t yet have a name, is hoping to launch in the next couple of years. It was revealed earlier this year that the “beta” version of this service wouldn’t include any original content, but that the goal was to see originals begin launching by 2020. This Gremlins series would likely be one of the first to arrive.

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