The Golden Girls S02, Ep10 – Love, Rose

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Love, Rose
Original Air Date: December 13, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: Blanche you make it sound like I’m the only woman in Miami who doesn’t have a date.

* Dorothy: He’s 90, you’re 80, sparks are dangerous.

* Blanche: I know what you mean Sophia. I would never be with a man unless I felt those sparks.
Dorothy: Fortunately, for you, you carry flints in your bra.

* Rose: I haven’t been this depressed since I was rejected by Uncle Sam.
Blanche: Well, honey, if he was your uncle it wasn’t mean to be.

* Dorothy: Fine, next time we invent a person let’s make sure he has a trade that travels.

* Dorothy: We have created a poetry writing citrus farmers who writes letters with a lavender felt pen.

* Blanche: Don’t you see? Somethings happening here.
Dorothy: Yes the beginning of a disaster.

* Dorothy: What we did we did out of friendship.
Rose: Friendship? You made me look like a fool.

Synopsis: Sophia comes home. She didn’t get to her card game because she got on the wrong bus. Dorothy comes out and tells Rose she has a date. Blanche also has a date tonight. They each borrow some jewelry from Rose. Blanche suggests that Rose puts an ad in the personal’s column. Days later, Rose is checking the mail. She hasn’t gotten a single response to her personal ad and it’s been two weeks. Sophia comes in freaked about a guy from the senior center that has been following her. Sophia tries to set Rose up with Willie (the guy from the center). Rose is depressed. She tells a story about failing an ink blot test. Blanche decides to set Rose up with one of her discards, but then she decides to go out with him. Later, Blanche and Dorothy are playing cards on the lanai. Rose rushes out and tells them she got a response from her ad. Dorothy and Blanche are happy to see her smiling again. But Blanche confesses to Dorothy that she made up the person who responded to her ad. She is actually the one who wrote the letter. She named him Isaac Newton. Dorothy is outraged. Another evening in the kitchen, both Dorothy and Blanche are working on a letter for Rose from Isaac. Sophia comes in and gives an update about her old guy. Rose comes in and announces she is going to tell Isaac she wants to meet him. Blanche and Dorothy begin to freak out. As soon as she exits, Blanche starts a good bye letter. Another evening and everyone is getting ready for the reception. Rose comes out and announces that she does have a date, it’s Isaac. Dorothy and Blanche are speechless. They two look as if they are going to be sick. They quiz Rose more about her date. Rose exits to get ready and the two have a complete melt down. The doorbell rings and it’s Willie, he just doesn’t’ give up. The doorbell rings again. Dorothy slowly opens the door. Isaac is speechless at Rose. They hit it off immediately. Dorothy and Blanche try to speak to Rose but she doesn’t hear them. Blanche changes course. At the reception, Blanche and Dorothy are in a panic over Rose and Isaac. He tells Rose about his job as a vice principal at a middle school. Rose continues to be wowed. Blanche and Dorothy try to tell her the truth, but she is too excited. Rose invites him to dance. Willie is chasing Sophia all around the reception. He lets the cat out of the bag that he’s after her money. She tells him she’s not wealthy and he splits instantly. Rose comes back in with Isaac and the letters are now brought up. Dorothy and Blanche immediately confess that they wrote the letters. Rose is horrified and runs to the ladies room. The two follow her into the ladies room. They beg for forgiveness. Isaac joins them shortly. They get rid of him. While the girls implore Rose to forgive them the bathroom fills up. At the conclusion of their speech every applauds.

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