Family Matters S02, Ep12 – Fast Eddie Winslow

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Fast Eddie Winslow
Original Air Date: November 30, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ritchie: Mom how come some people are white, black and brown?
Rachel: Well, honey, I guess God likes to use different colors too.

* Steve: Rodney buddy, try to get your oars in the water. When it comes to pool you couldn’t sink the Titanic.

* Steve: I happen to remember a certain high pitched nasal voice of reason trying to warn you.

* Steve: Dead men don’t bargain.

Synopsis: Ritchie is coloring when he asks his mother about people being different colors. She tells him God likes to use different colors. Mother Winslow has a tennis date. She takes off as soon as he picks her up. Later Carl talks with Harriet. Judy hasn’t been doing her book reports and is going to get a D. Eddie beat Steve and Rodney at pool, 20 games in a row. Laura runs in the kitchen and runs right into Steve. She turns and runs right back out. Carl come in and Eddie tells him how well he did at pool. Carl tells him some stories. It’s another day and Eddie goes to the pool hall to play. He plays a guy from Bullwater, Texas. Eddie wins five games in a row. When he decides to leave the guy doesn’t want to pay up, he wants to raise the stakes. Steve is worried that he’s hustling Eddie. He was right, ten losses later Eddie is $250 in the hole. Eddie is freaking out as he has to find the money by a deadline. Steve has enough to cover and Eddie tries to borrow it from him. He agrees to loan him the money for two conditions. Rachael stops Steve as he’s leaving and he tells her what’s going on. Rachel is concerned and heads straight for the phone. In the kitchen, Harriet tricks Judy into reading a book. Eddie, Steve and Rodney show up at the pool hall. However, Steve challenges Buck to a double or nothing match. He accepts. As Steve is about to win, Buck breaks his glasses. Suddenly, Steve is being hauled out to the alley, but there’s a quick back up as Carl and Mother Winslow arrive. Carl takes over for Steve. The final shot is more than Carl can make so Mother Winslow takes over. She makes the shot with ease. Back at the house, Carl and Eddie talk. When Carl finds out that part of the deal to get the money from Steve is being his best friend for a week, he feels that’s punishment enough.

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