Mama’s Family S02, Ep21 – Dear Aunt Fran

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Dear Aunt Fran
Original Air Date: March 31, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Am I living in a bowling alley?
Thelma: You’re living in a house but I think you should be in a home.

* Sonia: Five cats in one apartment? You’re talking wall to wall kitty litter, gross.

* Thelma: What do you two do, breathe through your ears?

* Naomi: You love it Ms. Harper. You’ve never been shy about giving your opinion that I’ve noticed.

* Fran: I’m planning to phase out your homespun advice.
Thelma: Oh yeah? Why, you got yourself another patsy?

* Buzz: Without Grandma there is no Lewella.
Fran: How can you say that? She’s no writer, she just has the answers.

* Buzz: There you go doing it again Grandma, giving away free advice.
Thelma: I been doing it my whole life. I can’t just quit cold turkey.

* Thelma: I’m busy, my self-cleaning oven hasn’t learned how to clean itself yet.

* Fran: You may be on to something.
Thelma: If you aren’t careful something may be on to you.

* Thelma: You tell him he wouldn’t be hankering after fancy desserts if he took more of his meals at home.

Synopsis: Vint is excited because he has a new model plane. A little noise is made and Aunt Fran has a meltdown. Buzz heads out to do homework at a friends house. Fran comes downstairs very upset. Her new job is stressing her out. She is answering letters for Dear Lewella. Thelma gives her an answer. Thelma gets upset over all the mess everyone makes in her house. Fran continues reading letters and Thelma gives some more advice. Fran has another meltdown. Two weeks later, Buzz tells Thelma how his project went. Naomi is quite upset at Vint as he is still working on that model plane. Fran is getting ready for lunch with her editor. She comes in all worried about her meeting. She is hoping she’s going to get Ask Lewella as a full time job. Vint gets upset as his model plane has no insignias. Buzz advocates that if Fran gets the job she should give Thelma a cut. Meanwhile, Sonia comes back, but she bought the wrong stuff at the store. Fran reads her column and is not amused to find that her material has been removed but Thelma’s is still there. They get into an argument over the pay. Fran’s boss, Mr. Nettles, arrives. Fran introduces. He tells her he has a little problem that has come up that he wants to discuss over lunch. At lunch, Mr. Nettles tells her the problem: he’s married but has the hots for Fran. He goes on about it but she doesn’t get it. Even when he puts his hand on her wrist she still doesn’t get it. She runs for a phone to call Thelma. Fran tells her about the problem, once they come to terms. Thelma listens as she continues to clean the oven. But she realizes what Fran is telling her. Thelma tells her that Mr. Nettles has a thing for her. Fran heads back to the table and gets the truth out of him. To get rid of him she tells him someone else has been writing the column. He doesn’t care, he still wants her. She blows up at him. Vint finally gets his model plane done. Fran comes in the door and tells them she stood up to Mr. Nettles. While she is giving her happy speech, Vint puts his plane down on the couch. Fran does not see it and sits on it.

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