Numb3rs S03, Ep07 – Blackout

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 7
Title: Blackout
Original Air Date: November 3, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: Look at how much energy we actually consume. This is amazing.
Larry: And how much paperwork goes with it. This is staggering.

* Alan: You can’t have a relationship if you don’t commit to it.

* Don: Downtown two days in a row? Lucky me.

* Megan: Donahue was coordinating a prison break.

* Don: Don’t go all Isaac Newton on me ok? We’ll go take a look at the map.
Charlie: Sir Isaac Newton.

* David: This isn’t a breakout, these guys are trying to break in.

* David: This thing is empty, it’s a trojan horse.

* Liz: But now I owe you one.
Don: That’s just what I wanted so.
Liz: I don’t like being in debt.

* Don: All right Charlie, go ahead and say it.
Charlie. I told you so. I told you so.

Synopsis: Don rescues Liz from a no show date. He drops her off at her place after taking her to dinner. It turns romantic rather quickly. A man is working on a transformer as someone crashes into one and power starts going out. Meanwhile, Liz and Don’s romantic interlude gets interrupted. He has to rush to the scene. Don discovers there wasn’t a driver, the car was rigged to crash into the power plant. David runs the car and it was stolen. Charlie and Larry are working on a project in the dining room. However, they get the gizmo to work. Don comes home and finds out that power went out. Charlie and Larry explain how the power plants balance power at all times. They explain it like a jenga game. The worker was killed, his wife comes in. He had received some threats for working during the strike. She tells them about another station that failed two days ago. At the office, Charlie arrives. He’s going to try and predict where the next substation attack will happen. Liz arrives and they discuss last night. She gives him his glasses back and gives him a raincheck. Megan asks him about Robin. Larry and Charlie are working late on this magic substation when Amita drops by. Charlie has figured out which substation will cause a cascading failure. David and Colby have staked out the power station. She see a small blackout happen, but it wasn’t caused by that power station. When they look closely, someone snuck in and triggered a power surge. Larry arrives with Megan and he explains how it happened. The station that was hit isn’t covered by the company on strike, so their theory is no longer valid. A dead body is found though. It appears he had a partner, as all identifying information as been removed from his body. However, Megan finds a tattoo and they figure out who he is from that. It does lead to suspects though. The suspect, Munoz, may be trying to rig power prices. In Charlie’s office, he’s working on another theory as Amita comes in. They start analyzing the substations being hit and how they don’t really accomplish much. Amita poses a question, what if these small outages were the point of these substation attacks. At the house, Don talks with his dad. Alan asks him about Robin. Don takes offense. David calls Don, they’ve tracked someone down. David and Megan go to the bar, but he tells them that the photo they showed him does not match the owner of the credit card. They arrest him. He leads them to a car. Lyle Donahue is dead in the car. The kid just ripped off his wallet. Charlie joins them at the office. When he learns Donahue is dead, he is surprised. He tells them it’s about the blackouts, not price fixing. He gives them an overlaid map. It’s like a ven diagram. They all have a specific area in common. There is no break ins reported in that area during the blackouts. Megan shows the dead man’s note pad to Charlie. He recognizes the math, but needs time to analyze it. Don has a quick chat with him about Robin and Liz. Charlie goes back to the math with Larry. Larry wonders about the other substation that weren’t attacked. They’ll switch the analysis to figure out what areas would not be affected if the other substations had been attacked. Don runs into Liz. She tells him Tebakian is going to cooperate. She has to head to San Diego to put him in a safe house. She’ll be gone for a while. Charlie comes in and he has an answer. He tells Megan he mapped all the substations. The target was the J. Edward Rice building, a federal jail. Don and David head to the jail to talk to them. They do have a back up system, there are 4 diesel generators. Larry finds Megan outside the FBI building. They discuss what’s going on with the case. Larry tells her about a lecture that changed the way scientists’ think. When Don tells Charlie that the prison has a back up system in place he still feels strongly that is the target. Megan finds a link between the prison and the blackouts. It links to Tebakian and his drug running. Charlie thinks that blackouts three nights in a row was to drain the diesel. They want to be on the unscheduled fuel truck to break in. Liz arrives while the fuel is being brought. She doesn’t see what’s gong on. The truck doesn’t have fuel, it has a team to kill Tebakian. Don and his team arrive. They can’t reach Liz or the prison. Megan finds the man dead. Don decides they are going in to try and stop the hit. Tebakian is being walked to the meeting with Liz and the attorney. The hired guns take out another guard. Don fills in the first guard they see. He sets off the alarm and goes to the armory, Megan goes with him. Tebakian demands that Megan protect him. Don and David find Liz and Tabakian. He gives Liz a gun. They work to get out. Takakian takes one to the shoulder, but Don gets the other two. The shoulder bullet passed clean through. Liz gives him his gun back and thanks him. He and Liz flirt a little. Don has to go talk to the warden about what happened. Don comes home and find that Alan and Charlie were waiting for him. Don tells them that Robin broke up with him about a week ago. Alan tries to cheer him up by telling him he was trying and he’s proud of him for that. The two decide to stay up with him.

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