The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep01 – Rick’s Big Bang Theory

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 1
Title: Rick’s Big Bang Theory
Original Air Date: November 13, 2018

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Synopsis: Marty’s level of convincing that something happened on the island is now at 70%. The team has built a second war room on a different and more private part of the island because of all the people visiting while they work. The three goals for the season are the money pit, the swamp and Smith’s Cove. We learn that when Dan tried to explore Smith’s Cove a violent lightning storm destroyed his dam and brought his excavation of the area to an end. The coffer dam they are building will be bigger than all previous dam’s constructed there. The money pit is going to be examined by a seismic survey. Rick also wants to examine Lots 21 and 22 once they get them cleared. It’s now the day that the seismic testing will begin. They are hoping that the Halifax Shaft will show up on this test. The goal is to image the entire money pit area, to have a visual map and to use that to pick new drill sites. Gary (the metal detector) and several other members of the team go to the beach area to metal detect. With all the winter storms stuff may likely have been uncovered. Gary gets a hit right off the bat. He finds an iron spike, that is modern. Closer to the water he gets another hit. A piece of cut lead is found. Laird tells them lead was used for everything and most often as duct tape. Everyone meets up at the pub, they discuss the new finds. They will have the piece tested. Gary, Rick and Laird head to Lot 2, it’s been recently cleared. Metal detecting for new finds. He gets a deep non-ferrous hit. He finds a coin with a patina. It’s a King George, III Twopenny from 1797. They keep searching. At the money pit, the seismic testing is about to start as they’ve completed the set up. They have a meeting with the Eagle Canada team to determine the viability of the seismic testing for this singular test. The man that is reading the results is quite excited. Based on these results, they move forward with a complete seismic testing of the money pit. They all arrive to watch, but have to stay 150 feet back from the site for their safety. The blasts begin to go off. Craig, Dave and Peter head up to the college to get the results on the “lead cross.” The cross gets attached to a sample board. The test begins. While the test is being done, Gary is metal detecting on Lot 2. They find some strange boulders, each has a depression next to them. Gary gets a hit. The depression is covered with moss, when they uncover it, its an iron rock. It even has a hole drilled in it. Did this hole have a ring bolt at one time? Jack wants to call Rick and let him take a look. Rick comes out and takes a look. They call Laird in to look at it, to determine if it’s cultural or not. Back at the lab, the professor is now starting to analyze the data. The cross is pure lead, but there is also some silver. He now has the breakdown of metals and put that into his spreadsheet to try and locate where it is from. It did not come from North America. But he doesn’t tell them where it came from, just not North America. A conference call takes place in the war room. Craig gives everyone the results. He tells them the lead in the cross was not from North America. Everyone is excited by this. Laird arrives at the iron rock. Laird decides to photograph it. Then the digging begins. They all want to know what is there. There is a bunch of other drill holes. They continue pulling off moss. Does it predate the money pit? Something is carved in the rock. It may be a triangle. At Smith’s Cove, Marty and Peter are working with a specialist to do some metal detecting with something that will go deeper than surface. It’ll detect to 20 feet. It’s going to take some time, but they get started. Rick, Dave and Craig go to Irving Unlimited to talk about a new plan for Smith’s Cove. They get a demonstration with augmented reality of how the coffer dam will be put in and work. Their map has all the previous data of coffer dams and digs. Everything gets settled. After leaving they call Marty to update him. Marty is a little nervous. The deep metal detecting continues at Smith’s Cove. There is a hit that spikes off the chart. The next day, metal detecting takes place on Lot 21. They get a hit pretty quickly. Gary finds another brooch.

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