Mama’s Family S02, Ep20 – Mama Cries Uncle

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Mama Cries Uncle
Original Air Date: March 24, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: I don’t want to hear another word at this table until someone has something pleasant to say.
Naomi: Gonna be a pretty quiet meal.

* Thelma: You know what they say about fish and visitors? They both stink after three days.

* Thelma: Just don’t crack wise with me Buster.

* Thelma: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. You get everybody all encouraged with your pipe dreams and then you up and walk out the door on a whim and leave everybody flat.

* Thelma: Don’t you look pretty. Don’t forget your slippers Cinderella.

* Thelma: Roy I want you to know this is just about the nicest thing that never happened to me.

Synopsis: Everyone is sitting down to dinner. Thelma is tired of everyone complaining. Sonia has good news though, she’s been entered into a beauty pageant. Thelma rains on her parade. The doorbell rings, everyone looks at the door but no one moves. It rings a second time and Mama makes Vint answer it. As he gets to the door Uncle Roy starts singing Happy Birthday to Carl (his brother). She tells him that Carl died eleven years ago. He’s shocked. Uncle Roy has brought oysters and everyone is excited. Thelma’s dinner goes ignored and she’s not happy. When he takes over her kitchen she becomes annoyed. Roy, Vint and Buzz are going to cook the oysters. The guys bring them out all cooked. Vint tells Thelma he invited Uncle Roy to stay awhile. She loses her temper. It’s nearly a week later but Thelma is trying to get rid of him. He makes over her elbows. Buzz comes out and asks him to help him make Baked Alaska. Thelma is dancing around at the compliment. Sonia and Noami come down the stairs arguing about hair. Roy comes back out and gets them to go in another direction. He tells a story about Princess Grace. She’s now going to look like Princess Grace from Roy’s story. Everyone goes upstairs but Sonia and Roy. She asks him who Grace Kelly is. Later on, Thelma is fussing because Uncle Roy is not back yet. He finally comes back, but with the wrong shoe police. He’s also brought an application for the Raytown Fire Department. It’s for Vint. Thelma flips out. Thelma sends Buzz upstairs with Sonia’s dress. She then gives Uncle Roy a tongue lashing. It turns into a bit of an argument. Thelma has a melt down. The conversation takes a very interesting turn. It suddenly turns more romantic. Thelma is upset and Roy tries to comfort her. Vint comes in the kitchen and doesn’t even notice. He’s too excited over the application for the fire department. Ellen announces Sonia is ready for the pageant. She looks beautiful. After everyone leaves, Ellen notices Thelma looks a little different. She brushes her off. Thelma and Uncle Roy are alone now. She is very flustered. They have a moment. He leaves before he can’t. Later that night, Sonia is the winner of the pageant. Buzz brings out his baked Alaska to celebrate. They all miss Uncle Roy. He’s left his cooler. Thelma feels strongly that he’ll be back.

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