Numb3rs S03, Ep06 – Longshot

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 6
Title: Longshot
Original Air Date: October 26, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: When it comes to matters of the heart even Archimedes preferred a cold shower.

* Liz: The fact you’re still here means something, but I wouldn’t screw it up twice.

* Alan: Charlie, you can’t account for everything.
Charlie: You can, if you can think of everything.

* Larry: What is it with me and structure? Do you find me overly structured?

Synopsis: The story begins at a racetrack, with a kid who’s been very lucky. The guy he’s been placing bets with tips off some unfriendly looking people that he’s been winning a lot. They find him and stab him to death. Everyone walks around him until someone realizes he’s dead. In Larry’s office, his drumming is not amusing Charlie. Larry’s problem is Megan. Back at the track, Don and his team work the scene. Liz Warner was already running an investigation there. Now she is working with Don on it. She tells him how this kid bet on 30 races in the last moth and won each time. Don and Megan show up at Charlie and Larry’s office. Charlie and Larry are impressed with the betting system of the dead guy. He wasn’t trying to pick the winner but the second place horse. Colby tells the team that the dead kids’ apartment has been broken into. He did have a girlfriend. At the house, Charlie is trying to crack the forecasting system without much lunch. Alan talks about fruit and it triggers an idea for Charlie. At the race track, they question the owner. He doesn’t give them anything. Colby has tracked down Danny’s girlfriend and also a betting place he used. Liz and Don pay Charlie a visit and get a lesion about horse racing and betting. Charlie wants a years worth of race data, Liz looks faint. Megan and Colby go visit the girlfriend. Megan notices an engagement ring. The girlfriend is not amused to find out that Danny had won 30 bets this week. Back at the office, they learn that Danny won a pick 6, as in six winners in a row, but he didn’t cash the winning ticket. It was worth half a million. Colby and Liz have a chat. They realize he was placing bets through an OTB because all the tellers knew him and he was not working for the mob guy. Alan comes across Larry and Charlie having a challenge. Alan has experience at a race track. Alan takes Charlie to the track for a lesson. Liz and Don chat about Charlie. Alan explains to Charlie why betting on the 2nd place horse is better than the winner. Charlie thinks that the algorithm was picking up cheating. Megan finds Larry shaving in his office. Larry talks about structure and Megan picks up on it. She’s enamored by his skittishness. She asks him out on a date. He’s dumbstruck and she likes it. Don joins Alan and Charlie at the track. The cheating lead to the death. And it all cleans up too neatly. Megan rejoins Colby at the office and heckles her about Larry slightly. When they look at previous pick 6 winners…they are all dead. Megan wants to pick up Tebakian and Liz is worried that another person will be killed. At the house, Alan has let Larry take a shower. They talk about homes. Megan finds a community. All five victims cleared out their accounts with cashier’s checks. Most are unemployed. That’s the link. Larry joins Charlie in his office. He comes up with a brilliant idea. Then he has a melt down over structure. Colby and Megan go to the unemployment office. All five interviewed at the race track. Charlie has a breakthrough and calls Don and Liz. The fixed races started earlier and he knows every fixed race. Don feels they would have noticed 18 deaths. But not if they had accidents. Turns out its 6 guys not 18. It was just 18 races. Back at the house, Larry is still confused. Charlie thinks he had an accomplice who was talented at math. Liz asks for the files of the 6 guys that won the fixed races. They bring the race track owner in. His lawyer is clearly not acting in his best interests and threatens him. His lawyer drops him. The lawyer leaves and Mr. Connors starts talking. One of the six was laundering the money for him. Megan and Colby get to the girlfriends place and find it destroyed. Megan finds some blood on the floor and splatter on the cabinets. Cobly gets a call, the half million dollar ticket just got cashed and the money transferred to an offshore account. Turns out the girlfriend isn’t dead, she cashed the ticket. The pick six ticket was to start their life together. She tells them everything. She was the math genius that fixed the algorithm. They go to the track with a massive team to arrest Tebakian. They take him down. Megan and Larry go on their date. They set up a schedule for dates and a wildcard for Megan, which she cashes in rather quickly.

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