The Golden Girls S02, Ep08 – Vacation

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Vacation
Original Air Date: November 29, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Rose we are going to an island in the Caribbean. Our biggest worry is getting strap marks.

* Sohpia: This is very embarrassing, you don’t understand a word I’m saying.
Mr. Matsumo: Understand little.

* Man: Americans! You measure everything by the oh mighty dollar.
Rose: Well we’re trying to learn the metric system, it’s not that easy.

* Dorothy: You call that an ocean view? You have to be a contortionist to see it.

* Blanche: I’m not sharing a bathroom with three strange men. I don’t care if it is my vacation.

* Blanche: Dorothy, should we be listening to Rose?
Dorothy: Quiet, I don’t think we’re allowed to talk while we work.

Synopsis: The three are getting ready to go on vacation. Sophia is going to be staying home. Rose is freaking out. Blanche comes out with enough luggage for a month. The three leave and Sophia immediately goes into action. She gets the gardener, Mr. Matsumo’s, attention. She asks him out on a date. The girls arrive and their room is a dump. They don’t have a view either, unless you stick your head way out the window and look really far to the left. They all complain. The manager finally arrives. He does not resolve their concerns. Blanche tries to cheer them up with the vibrating bed but it doesn’t work. The guy that brought up their bags comes in and he shakes the bed. Sophia and Toshiro (Mr. Matsumo) are having a date. Sophia is not a big fan of sushi. She throws a chopstick and then dumps her meal in her purse. At the hotel, they’re being attacked by bugs. Rose tells them what she’s planned for the next day. Dorothy squashes a bug on her face, but when she goes to the bathroom to wash it off someone else is in the bathroom. The ladies freak out. They are sharing the bathroom with another room. The six of them get into a fight. The ladies are in the dining room when the nasty boys arrive. The apologize and invite them on a midnight cruise. Meanwhile, at home the second date for Sophia is Italian food that she made. They are about to kiss and the phone rings. Sophia gets rid of her in record time. They recapture the moment. Blanche is screaming about being back on land. Everyone has on a life jacket. Blanche is having a meltdown. The guys sailed them right into a storm and they are now shipwrecked on an island. They all start fighting and suddenly Rose takes over. She turns into a Drill Sargent. The three ladies are sitting around a fire. The boys have been gone for about four hours. Rose steps down from being leader and makes Dorothy be leader. They all confess things to each other and wind up fighting. The three wind up making up. As Rose sings a song the guys suddenly join in. They have Mai Tai’s in hand. They wound up at a Hyatt Regency and got rooms for everyone. The three decide to keep everything a secret. They all head to the new hotel.

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