Family Matters S02, Ep10 – The Science Project

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: The Science Project
Original Air Date: November 16, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: My entire ensemble is comprised of gifts from desperate classmates.

* Steve: What’s on your mind my little petri dish?

* Steve: I’ll get busy in my basement lab, but in the meantime I’ll make like an atom and split.

* Rachel: Steve has real feelings for you. They’re Urkel feelings, but they’re real.

* Steve: You said you wanted a killer project, a guaranteed A so I built you an A bomb.

* Harriet: Great, she makes the Honor Roll she’s your daughter, she blows up the world, she’s my daughter.

Synopsis: Mother Winslow comes home from a bridge game. She’s upset because she lost. She flips it around to life insurance. Carl says no, but as he leaves the room he winds up on skateboard and takes a bad crash. He changes his mind. Later that night, Judy refuses to go to bed. But as soon as she leaves Laura comes in. Laura is upset because she might get a B in Science Class. She grounds herself. The next day the science teacher begins a lesson on crabs, which he realizes he left in the car. He announces a science project that will be half their grade. Suddenly, Steve is mister popular. That night the doorbell rings and it’s Steve. Laura has invited him over. She asks him to be her partner on the project, but he’s in demand so he wants something in return. She starts talking about how much time they’ll be spending together working on the project. He decides to be her partner. Laura is so excited she blows Steve a kiss. Rachel sees this and calls her out on it. She warns Laura, but she shrugs it off and takes a nap. While asleep she has a dream about Steve in his lab. He shows her what he built, it’s an atom bomb. She hopes it’s a fake but freaks out when he tells her it’s real. He offers her candy and accidentally triggers the bomb. The program can’t be stopped either. They go into full on panic as the count down says 7 minutes left. Laura runs for it. Back at her house, Laura interrupts a meeting with the insurance guy. She tells them about the bomb and they don’t believe her. The timer is down to 5 minutes. Her parents and grandmother don’t seem all that worried, they even do a musical number. The insurance guy even joins in. Laura tries to get the phone from Eddie and nearly kills him but doesn’t’ get the phone. Rachel comes down the stairs dressed like an angel. She asks for Rachel’s forgiveness. Times runs out and the bomb goes off. Laura wakes up from her dream as Urkel walks in. When she wakes up with him in her face, she screams. She gives him a hug. Then tells him about her dream. He assures her he would not build an atom bomb. She finally comes clean to him about her grade and lying to him. He’s not mad. He’s happy she confessed and told him the truth. Steve will still be her partner. He asks her about the hug, she confirms she hugged him and he promptly faints. Two weeks later the project is done. Steve build a rocket. He accidently sits on the remote control and launches it in the house. It makes quite the hole in the roof. Carl looses his temper and the whole family chases him.

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