The Golden Girls So2, Ep07 – Family Affair

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Family Affair
Original Air Date: November 22, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: Oh, my back gave out.
Sophia: I would have figured that would have been about the third thing to go.

* Michael (to Blanche): Oh you don’t have to explain. My mothers already told me all about you.

* Sophia: In Sicily everything is set up, dates, marriage death. Especially death.

* Rose: Hi Blanche. Shouldn’t you be lying down?
Blanche: Yes, but I’m tired of being on my back. Did I just say that?

* Rose: Oh my god, they’re naked!
Dorothy: People usually are in this situation, Rose.

* Rose: I’m still in shock. I’ve never seen Bridget in bed with a man before, except Raggedy Andy.

* Dorothy: I can’t believe Alan Thicke has a hit series, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

* Blanche: Who knows my body better than I do?
Sophia: Any man in Miami not attached to a woman or a respirator.

Synopsis: Sophia steals food form the party tray Rose made for her daughter. Blanche comes home bent over, her back has gone out. The doorbell rings and it’s Michael (Dorothy’s son). He’s not surprised by Blanche, but everyone is surprised he’s there. He explains that he had some artistic differences with is boss. Rose comes in with her daughter and is confused by Michael as she doesn’t know him. Rose’s daughter is Bridgett, she’s going to college at Oxford. The next morning Dorothy, Sophia and Michael have breakfast Blanche comes back from the doctor with bad news. She’s supposed to rest for a week. Sophia and Michael head off for some fun. Rose comes in the kitchen and the three talk. They decide to stay out of the kids lives. Later that night, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche complain about getting older. Blanche cautiously admits she sent the two “kids” out on a date. Dorothy is not happy about it. Sophia tries to lighten the moment. Later in the kitchen, Rose comes home. Dorothy tells her about Blanche setting them up and Rose isn’t happy. Rose goes to say good night to her daughter and then screams. The girls go running. They find the “kids” in bed together. It’s too much for Rose to handle. Sophia comes in and she’s not happy. She lectures him. Rose takes the offensive and gets into it with Dorothy about it. She puts Michael down. The fight escalates to a point where they are no longer speaking to each other. The next day, Sophia is wearing her mourning outfit. No one is speaking to anyone. Blanche tries to get everyone talking again by telling a story. Out on the lanai, Dorothy finds Michael practicing the sax. She’s very upset at him. They have a very intense conversation. He apologies to Dorothy and Sophia. Rose and her daughter have a similar conversation in the kitchen. Rose can’t handle the conversation, but her daughter insists. They make up. Bridget and Michael leave and share a cab. Blanche appears all dressed up and heading out for a date. She’s still not recovered but off on a date.

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