Numb3rs S03, Ep03 – Provenance

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 3
Title: Provenance
Original Air Date: October 6, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ericka Hellman: You have no idea what it’s like to be the only surviving member of your family and to have no idea why.

* Don: You got to talk to him. You can’t just ride him like he’s a little kid.

* Charlie: Has that what this has been about? You’re worried I’m going to turn into Larry?

* Don: If he commissioned a fake then there has to be a forger.

Synopsis: A cat burglar has broken into a museum and steals a painting. He doesn’t kill anyone though. The painting he took was a Pizarro painting worth $22 million. The painting was on loan so it wasn’t covered by their insurance. At the house, Alan has a chat with Charlie about his responsibilities now that he owns the house. A art theft expert joins the team. Don pays Charlie a visit. He’s working on a new presentation with Amita and Larry. Megan finds the painting was stolen by Nazi’s. Don goes to meet with the woman who says it was looted from her family by the Nazi’s. She tells him how the Nazi’s took everything, she doesn’t even have a photo of her family. Her grandson arrives. They lost the case for the painting because her memory is not what it once was. But she is the only surviving member of her family. Larry, Amita and Charlie discuss the painting. Larry’s dad was a painter. Amita has found something in the FBI art theft database. Three names pop up. One is dead, one is in prison in Turkey. That leaves one left, Wheeler. They track down where he was staying and find him dead. Don discusses the painting again. The owner tried selling it and couldn’t, so maybe he’s trying to have it stolen to cash out on insurance. Don and Megan go chat with the owner. Charlie is doing more math in his office as don comes in, but it’s actually his checkbook he is balancing. They start talking about family. David learns that Hellman’s grandson hired a specific private investigator to try and get the painting. They bring the grandson in for questioning. No link can be found. In Charlie’s office, he’s avoiding his dad while he works with Amita and Larry to solve this. Amita touches on a point and Charlie isn’t happy. Charlie eats lunch with Larry again and learns he’s a skilled artist. Larry tries to help him figure out where the Pizzaro might go. Charlie gets an idea. It’s how the painting ages. Charlie has determined the Pizzaro is fake. They interview the curator and authenticator. He provided the photo for the museum. That photo is what Charlie used to determine it was fake. The owner has to be running quite a scam. Alan shows up at Charlies office with a peace offering. Charlie realizes that his dad is worried he’ll turn into Larry. He’s trying to figure it all out, but he doesn’t have all the answers yet. Charlie has check out the forgery. The forger is a man who died in 1948. The real painting is likely sitting in a Hungarian police vault. Megan thinks that something is amiss with the authenticator. He was told to say it was real by the curator. They arrest him. The Hungarian police delivered the painting to the FBI and Don gave it back to Ms. Hellman. Alan, Charlie and Larry discuss the painting and life. Charlie is going to grill. Don asks Alan about the family members lost and asks for a list of names. He wants to try to find them. It clearly touches Alan.

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