The X-Files’ greatest monster: how Eugene Tooms terrified us

Iconic sci-fi series The X-Files may be dividing long-time fans with its modern revival. But most would agree that when it first hit screens 25 years ago, it was gripping, essential TV.

A big part of the early seasons’ success were the frightening ‘Monster of the Week’ episodes. And a certain animal control officer named Eugene Victor Tooms was the very first – and arguably most infamous – of those monsters.

The mutant serial killer had viewers everywhere double-checking the corners of their rooms. And under the toilet seat.

Inexplicable slayings
It all begins with a locked room mystery.

In the opening of classic episode ‘Squeeze’, a businessman is found brutally murdered in his office, his liver apparently ripped out by someone’s bare hands.

But there are no conceivable entry points that the killer could have come through, or escaped from. Other than a tiny vent in the wall, that is.

Full article here.

via The X-Files’ greatest monster: how Eugene Tooms terrified us


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