Book: The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen

In the basement of The Crispin Museum in Boston is a mummy. It was recently rediscovered and everyone is going crazy over it. But how did it get “lost” in the basement? It appears to be ancient Egyptian and finding it is helping save the museum. Dr. Maura Isle is asked to examine the mummy and she makes a startling discovery. It’s not an ancient mummy, it’s a much more recent murder victim.

Dr. Maura Isles and Det. Jane Rizzoli work the case. As the evidence is compiled the horror of this crime is truly brought to light. As the rest of the basement is searched and verified, another discovery is made. Another woman is dead and mummified. One of the staffs Archaeologist’s, Jospehine Pulcillo, clearly feels targeted when a third mummy is left in her car. Will she be the next victim?

This killer has some scientific expertise in post-mortem rituals. This is a commonality the killer shares with Josephine. She’s freaked out by it. She feels that this killer is stalking her. And worse, knows her secrets.

Maura has to recall old lessons on ancient deaths to try and figure out this killers endgame. The pressure is ramped up when Josephine goes missing. Has she gone into hiding or been kidnapped by the killer?

Do Maura and Jane find Josephine alive or mummified? Is the killer brought to justice? Are more victims discovered?

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