Family Matters S02, Ep09 – Dedicated to the One I Love

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Dedicated to the One I Love
Original Air Date: November 9, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: Carl usually puts his best foot forward instead of in his mouth.

* Laura: Steve, I’m working.
Steve: Oh, I know dear. When you sling hash the angels sing.

* Steve: Well, it’s only natural that a heavenly body be named after a heavenly body.

* Steve: What if I was the last man on earth and you were the last woman?
Laura: Mankind would end with us.

* Harriet: I’m telling you it’s not her water heater she’s looking to get fixed.

* Harriet: How long can it take to fix a leaky faucet?
Mother Winslow: Well, Carl’s doing it so it might take two to three months.

* Mother Winslow: I’ve seen her kind before. She’s a man-burglar.

* Carl: Dust her body for fingerprints. You won’t find mine.

Synopsis: Mother Winslow is going on a fishing trip. No one knows what to make of that. Harriet is sipping coffee with a brand new neighbor as Carl comes in. He volunteers to help as an apology and she mentions the hot water heater having trouble. As they head to her house to take a look she makes a pass at Carl. Laura and Steve are working. He tells her that he had a star named after her. Laura is touched. There is a shy girl and she tells Laura she thinks he’s cute and sweet. Laura is thrilled about this and she has a talk with Steve. She tries to set the two up. Rachel notices that Steve is sitting with Susie and nearly faints from shock. They start sharing random facts and appear to have hit it off with a laugh and a snort. Carl finally comes back home much later that evening. Harriet is not amused. Loretta makes another pass at Carl. He doesn’t seem to realize, but Harriet overhears and she’s livid. She lays into him. He’s not getting dinner tonight. Steve pops into Rachel’s Place with Susie. She looks like a different person. Her plan seems to have worked, as Steve is quite smitten with Susie. Laura is jealous. Back at the house, Harriet is worked up again over Carl and Loretta. Mother Winslow isn’t all that comforting to Harriet as she feels Loretta is a man-burglar. Harriet will have to trust Carl. Laura calls Steve and he rushes over. He teases her about being jealous, which she admits to. She takes the long way around, but tells Steve she is happy for him. But he tells her that they are over. He goes overboard again and she kicks him out. It’s another day and Carl has fixed another thing at Loretta’s house. She gives him a gift. It’s musical underwear. He finds it a bit odd. Then she asks him to model them for her. She makes yet another pass at him and he stops her cold. Later, Harriet comes home. He was waiting for her and tells her she was right. He shut her down cold. Harriet is still upset. He assures her that she is the only woman for him. He gives her a passionate kiss and suddenly his musical underwear start to play music. She looks a bit shocked. He takes her upstairs to explain.

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