Numb3rs S03, Ep02 – Two Daughters

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Title: Two Daughters
Original Air Date: September 29, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: Hoyle’s got Megan! Let’s go!

* Megan: You’re smart enough to know what you’re doing. I want to know why.

* Charlie: Even a lawyer can’t argue with math.

* Don: Don’t underestimate how great it is to have someone to come and talk to.

* Amita: Yes, I do want to try, but only if you want to try too.

* Larry: I should shut up, shouldn’t I?
Megan: No, you should kiss me now.

Synopsis: Buck is getting processed into the jail. A parking officer is out giving parking tickets. He finds a van with the message “Buck goes Free.” Charlie arrives and he’s out of the loop. Megan is still missing. A call from Megan’s phone comes in but it’s not Megan, it’s Crystal. The city gets locked down in and out trying to find them. Crystal has Megan in a room somewhere, handcuffed to a pipe. Don has a chat with Buck. He won’t talk to Don, so he goes to plan B. Larry finds Charlie and presses him to come up with a solution. Ian gets an address from Buck. They storm the place and find Megan’s abandoned car. Charlie suggests a change in the game. He reminds them she has been looking for Billy Rivers. Megan tries to get into Crystal’s head. She gets a lot of Crystal’s history. She had gotten knocked up by Brenner and he took her to Billy to convince her to give up the child. She’s going after Billy because she wants her daughter back. Charlie’s thought works. Billy comes in to the FBI. The deep background comes in. There’s a $50,000 fee in question. Don loses it and arrests Billy. Don has a melt down with Charlie. He plots out her last known locations and a search spiral. It narrows down the search area. Megan starts pushing Crystal too far. She almost breaks free. She’s able to get the gun and fire it. It’s also the next stop on Charlie’s map. The owner comes out and tells Colby and David what room it was in. Crystal comes out with Megan and a grenade. She blows up their car. Crystal cuts Megan’s arm but leaves her. Don and Ian show up and find Megan. Crystal is in the wind. She cut an artery in Megan’s arm. They choose to rush her to hospital, so she doesn’t bleed out. Megan fills them in on everything she learned. They tell Megan why they were only two blocks away and she is grateful to all of them and Charlie. Larry and Charlie arrive. Larry apologizes to David. Larry gives Megan flowers. Don’s at the house on the couch. Alan and Don have a chat. Alan brings up something that happened in Little League. Don tries to convince him not to leave. At Charlie’s office, Amita pops in. She was concerned about Megan. She calls him out about his behavior and gives him a comeuppance. Ian and Don still are on the hunt for Crystal. Colby learns that Crystal used Megan’s credentials to get information on Billy and his attorney. The attorney is dead and some of his files are missing. She now knows where her daughter is. Megan enlists Larry to break her out of the hospital. They put their heads together and it’s fireworks. Charlie and Amita start breaking down social security numbers to try and figure out where she is at. Charlie tells Amita a story about trying to golf with his dad and brother. It’s his way of telling Amita that he’ll try to learn faster. As they work, he puts his arm around her and she is shocked but happy. Crystal has located her daughter. She watches her from the street. She decides not to kidnap her and pulls away as the police pulls up. Crystal calls Reeves. She tells her how beautiful she is and that she wants to talk to Buck. They make the call happen. He apologizes to her and volunteers to take it all. They track the call and locate her. She tells him goodbye. She heads for the border or so they think. She meets a road block and Megan calls her. She wants to save her, but she has nothing left to live her. She tries to blow herself up, but instead Don takes the kill shot to end it all. The grenade she had in her hand and had pulled the pin on, goes off. That night Larry and Megan are waking around the campus. He goes off on a tangent that turns romantic. Back at the house, Charlie is playing a golf game as Don comes home. Don plays with him. Alan surprises them both by staying. Alan realizes it’s a golf game and it becomes pandemonium.

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