Numb3rs S03, Ep01 – Spree

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Title: Spree
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: It’s not what it looks like.
Ian: That’s a relief because your friend looks like he’s going to perforate you.

* Amita: Hopefully, it’s a great opportunity for us as well.

* Charlie: It seems weird. In the last 24 hours I lost a housemate and gained a girlfriend.

* Ian: A little advice. When you get into their head for a living, don’t let them get into yours.

* Buck: Take her? You can’t lock up a force of nature.

* Megan: You know I don’t think I’m ever going to tire of being compared to the M57 Nebula.

Synopsis: A couple is driving down the freeway in a convertible mustang with the top down and just married written all over the car. They pull into a diner and rob it with firearms. They kill several people. They steal a new car to drive. Don and his team show up to help Ian. He’s been on this couples’ trials for a couple weeks. Back at the office, Megan starts a profile and Ian fills them in with everything he knows about them. Don and Ian go to visit Charlie. They are disturbed by what Charlie and Larry are doing. Once they catch up, Charlie looks at the map and sees missing points. David confirms that an unmarked point was indeed a point. Buck and she pull into LA, they rob the manager of a Porsche dealership, but he knows Crystal. She shoots him dead. They still steal his car. The team is on the scene again. This was different they realize. Charlie and Amita appear to be on a date in a romantic restaurant. Amita tells him she is staying at Cal Sci, she’s accepted their offer. They are both happy about the news, discuss their relationship and share a kiss. Larry spends the evening with Alan, who learns that Larry is essentially homeless. Megan joins a stakeout. David has found a link in LA to Crystal Hoyle. Crystal calls her from a payphone, but they get to the payphone too late to catch her. They find a car with a dead body in it. Crystal and Buck go to what appears to be a meth lab. They force their way in. They rob the place and kill several people. Before they leave they blow the lab up. Don and his team go over what’s left of the lab and find a cache of military weapons. The next morning at breakfast Alan tells Charlie he’s moving out. Charlie supports him and it leaves Alan a bit surprised. Larry finds Charlie in his office studying the mystery point he found. They wind up discussing he and Amita. Charlie has a small melt down and Larry brings him back to reality. Charlie and Amita give a presentation to the team and it explains the pursuit curve and how Ian chasing the pair has altered their game plan. David and Colby are back on the stakeout. Crystal calls her again and thanks her and gives her a gift. They bust Lydia. She’s brought in for interrogation. They learn a lot about Crystal. She’s trying to erase all her mistake. The team tries to find Billy Winters, he’s the last target, but he’s no where to be found. Charlie meets with Don and Ian and gets on to a train of thought. Amita comes in for their date. But she tells him to work on his math for Don and she is going to work on her seminar. David and Colby go to the location they think she’ll hit. The whole team is in the stakeout too. A few minutes after clearing out the two people in the house, the car shows up. But only Buck is in it. They catch him, but Ian has to shoot him to save David and Colby. They talk to Buck and learn he snuck out on Crystal. Charlie talks to Don about Alan moving out at the office. He tells him about Amita staying as well. Charlie has another melt down with Don. He tells him not to blow his second chance. The team escorts Buck out of the office to transport him to jail. Crystal is there watching. She follows. Larry and Megan go out to breakfast and discuss the case and life. They each head to their car. Crystal is waiting for Megan. She takes out a grenade and pulls the pin. Crystal takes Megan hostage.

To be continued…

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