Family Matters S02, Ep08 – Cousin Urkel

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Cousin Urkel
Original Air Date: November 2, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: How can I ever thank you?
Eddie: Believe me the expression on Laura’s face is all I need.

* Myrtle: Cat got your tongues?
Rachel: I know it’s got mine.

* Myrtle: Oooh Eddie. That name rolls of my tongue like honey.

* Myrtle: I’m gonna take that boy like Grant took Richmond.

* Rachel: Harriet, I think Myrtle would like to be alone with dumpling.”

* Myrtle: You’re a dream come true.
Eddie: You’re a nightmare! Now please go home.

* Laura: Eddie do you realize there are two Urkels in the kitchen?
Eddie: Yeah. But at least mine is going home soon.

Synopsis: Rachel is getting frustrated with Ritchie for not wanting to go to bed. Finally he does. Urkel comes over and Carl becomes upset. He plays a hand of gin rummy with Urkel, who beats him in less than a minute. Eddie and Laura come home with Eddie quite upset. Carl then dumps Steve on Laura, who dumps Steve on Eddie. Eddie tells Steve he’s going to try and get Steve and Laura together. He convinces Steve to serenade her. Later that night, Steve climbs the tree outside Laura’s window to serenade her. Not only does it wake up Laura but every animal in the neighborhood starts howling and yowling. Carl and Eddie run into her room. Eddie asks her how she enjoyed her serenade. Once Steve frees himself a Doberman he continues. Some time later, Carl is thrilled because Steve is 700 miles away at his cousins. The door opens and it’s Steve’s cousin Myrtle. Everyone is horrified. She’s in town with Steve’s parents, while Steve is with hers. Eddie arrives home and Myrtle loses it. She makes a pass at him and he runs for it. Another day in the kitchen, Myrtle, Harriet and Rachel are doing each other’s make up. Laura and Eddie come home and she goes crazy about Eddie again. Everyone runs for it and leaves Eddie to fend for himself. Laura has a talk with Myrtle and tells her to be more aggressive. She tricks her into sneaking into Eddie’s room when he’s asleep to give him a kiss. That night Myrtle climbs up the trellis by his window but she falls on the first attempt. For the second attempt she uses ladder, but falls backward opening the window. For her third attempt, she uses a grappling hook. She finally makes it there and tries to kiss him. He screams and runs around the room. Laura rubs it in his face in front of her parents. The truth comes out about the serenade. They both get grounded and are required to apologize to both Steve and Myrtle.

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