Numb3rs S02, Ep24 – Hot Shot

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 24
Title: Hot Shot
Original Air Date: May 19, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: That’s not a very Christian attitude Mr. Gill.

* Amita: Why is this dream so important?
Charlie: It’s the first dream I’ve had about my mom since she died.

* Larry: We just need to find that spot where the flow changed course.

* Larry: Numbers may be abstract Charles never the less they are objective descriptions of the world around us, but dreams can only be discernable to the dreamer.

Synopsis: Alan is driving Charlie home from a baseball game where he hit into a double play and is quite bummed out. They stop at a store. Alan goes inside to pick up some food and the store gets robbed. Charlie goes in to find out what’s taking him so long and Alan gets shot. Suddenly, Charlie is in his room and his mom is waking him up. She’s made him breakfast. Suddenly, Alan is waking Charlie up as he needs to be dropped off at the metro. Don and his team are called to the scene of an overdose. Colby thinks it’s a suicide, but Megan disagrees. At the school, Charlie tells Larry he dreamed about his mother. Megan goes through her bedroom to learn more about her. Charlie goes to Don’s office to tell him about the dream he had about mom. Charlie thinks their daily routines might help determine where they came in contact with their killer. David and Colby pay the most recent victim’s ex-boyfriend a visit. Megan is disturbed by the way they were murdered. One drug administered orally, the second one via syringe. They proved Mr. Gill lied about the last time he spoke to Carla and get a warrant to search his apartment. They find a BDSM room. He says he doesn’t remember a 45 minute call with her the night before she died. A guy sits in a car and watches a woman come out of a convenience store. He pulls up a hoodie and runs to her car. Amita visits Charlie at his office and finds that he is analyzing a dream. Amita asks about the case. She points out the answer might lie with their coworkers. At the office, Megan learns that the shoes are on the wrong feet. She learns that the killer has put the make up on the victims and also dressed them. While they are brainstorming, another body gets called in. Larry, Amita and Charlie go over the office of the victim. Megan joins them and lets them know she was seeing someone knew in the last three weeks. A vacuum sets Charlie in a new direction. Megan found it. She injured herself snowboarding and switched from the gym to pilates rehab. They talk to the instructor. After she finished her class Carla was talking to the son of her next student. Alan has a dream about his wife. She’s worried about him. Don and Megan go to visit the woman who’s son talked to Carla. Turns out she cut off her son’s trust fund six weeks ago. She allows him to live at the beach house. They go there to speak with him. They find a blonde female there but no Chandler. Don searches the place and David finds something out back. The shed proves more interesting. With a makeshift photo studio. Don and David go to the bar he frequents. When they go through all the video that Chandler has he’s drugged about a dozen girls. Charlie goes to Larry’s office to discuss the case more. Colby wants to freeze everything, but Megan thinks it will turn him into a spree killer. They go see the mother again. They tell her about all his victims and the murders. She finally tells them she’s supposed to meet him in the park in an hour, alone and with money. They stake out the park. Mrs. Yates sits on a bench with the money in the box. He’s late but he finally heads towards her. Don goes to the waitress’s house. Back at the park, Chandler takes the money and they follow him. It’s not Chandler but Lindsay. At Lindsay’s house, he finds that Chandler’s girlfriend is duck taped to a bed. He walks in on Don helping her. Don calls for back up. Chandler grabs him, and they fight. He drugs Don, but he’s able to give 5 shots off and stop Chandler. Charlie dreams again and his mom is in the garage. Charlie goes back into the house and finds Don in the dining room. Charlie and Don have a heart to heart. Alan comes in and joins them. They both wind up helping Don with his statement.

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