The Golden Girls S02, Ep05 – Isn’t It Romantic

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Isn’t it Romantic
Original Air Date: November 8, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Ma, I can’t believe this. You rented a dirty movie.

* Rose: What are they doing?
Blanche: I know what they are doing, but I’ve never seen anyone do it at that speed.

* Sophia: Dorothy, I know you don’t get many dates, but stick with what you know.

* Sophia: If one of my kids was gay I wouldn’t love him one bit less. I’d wish him all the happiness in the world.
Dorothy: It’s because you’re the greatest mother in the world and I love you.

* Sophia: You idiot! If someone told you to jump off a bridge would you?.

Synopsis: Sophia races in the house and puts a video in the VCR. Dorothy comes in the from the kitchen to see what Sophia is doing. She’s horrified to find out that her mother rented a dirty movie. Blanche and Rose come home as Dorothy accidently hits the fast forward button. Dorothy’s friend Jeanne is arriving shortly. Dorothy discusses a concern about Jeanne with Sophia. They have a unique conversation. It’s cut off with Jeanne’s arrival. Dorothy touches upon a sensitive topic with Jeanne before she tells the girls something. She asks Jeanne what she would like her to do. Rose comes out with her clown Sundays and they decide not to tell them. Sophia tells Jeanne about killing two potted palms with their last house guest. Later, in the kitchen, everyone is talking about moving on after losing a loved one. Jeanne mentions she was raised on a dairy farm. It’s too much for Rose to handle. Dorothy and Blanche make an exit. Rose, still excited, invites Jeanne to a movie. That night there’s a storm and Blanche reminisces about her first kiss. But it wasn’t in the rain, it was in the shower. Blanche and Dorothy discuss how well Rose and Jeanne have hit it off. Blanche brings up a concern about Jeanne and how she hasn’t gone on a date. She thinks Jeanne is having an affair with a married man. Rose and Jeanne arrive back. Rose is crying. It was the cry me a river double feature. Jeanne speaks privately with Dorothy. She’s going to leave early. She has fallen in love with Rose. That night Dorothy can’t sleep. She tosses and turns enough to wake up Sophia, who’s she bunking with. Dorothy asks her how she’d react if one of her kids was gay. She assumes it is Phil, but it’s not. She’d still love any of her children just as much if they were gay. Dorothy is elated. She then tells her that Jeanne thinks she in love with Rose. Sophia cracks up. Blanche comes in to find out what’s going on. Sophia tells Blanche that Jeanne is a lesbian, but Blanche misunderstands. It takes her a few moments, but she finally gets it. Sophia tells her that Jeanne thinks she’s in love with Rose. But Blanche’s reaction is jealously. She tries to cover her reaction and fails. The next evening they are playing cards. Sophia has caught a cold. Everyone goes to bed except rose and Jeanne. The two talk about sleepovers when they were in high school. They play for several hours. Rose talks about her first year without Charlie. It’s 2am now. Jeanne heads off to Dorothy’s room, but Rose tells her she can stay with her instead. Rose is already in bed, half asleep. Jeanne tries to talk to her. She tells her that she likes her, that she’s very fond of her. Rose realizes what’s going on, freaks out, and starts snoring loudly even though she’s now wide awake. Jeanne sleeps on the couch in Rose’s room. The next morning Blanche and Dorothy discuss Jeanne and where she is. They realize she must have stayed in Rose’s room. They think everything is fine until Rose comes in upset. Rose asks to speak with Dorothy privately. Rose tells her that Jeanne is gay. Rose learns that everyone knows except her. They apologize to each other. Rose thinks that Jeanne is in love with her. Dorothy confirms that she is right. Jeanne comes in in that moment and tells Dorothy that she’s going to head home. Rose asks to speak privately with Jeanne. They have a heart to heart. Rose is very nice to her about it all and tells her she doesn’t have to go. Everyone overhears as they were eavesdropping.

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