Elementary S03,Ep16 – All You Know

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 16
Title: All You Know
Original Air Date: March, 5, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Whatever the connection is, I’m telling you right now. You did not kill that woman.

* Joan: I think this is an Olympics in self pity.

* Sherlock: That fact that I remember so little from that time has been a tremendous relief to me, until now.
Joan: I’m sorry.

Synopsis: Joan is meeting with a client who says her song was stolen and turned into a jingle. Sherlock is making a ton of noise, so Joan must pause to find out why. He’s trying an experiment. Sherlock gets a call about a case. Two officers from another precinct are asking for his help. He goes through the file and deduces several things, but they think he knows her. They actually think he’s a suspect. They found a receipt on the victim’s body with Sherlock’s writing. Gregson comes to his defense. Sherlock can’t recall the night. When he returns to the brownstone, he tells Joan what happened. He’s very upset. He now has her name. Joan will work the case and Sherlock will stay on the sidelines. Joan talks to her sister but doesn’t get far. She kept her nose clean and was illegal. Sherlock visits an old street connection. Sherlock takes Oscar to lunch. He asks her about the dead woman. He’s of no help. Joan calls Sherlock. He’s out walking. Joan tells him how she was stonewalled. Joan has noticed that the woman put in a lot of house at her church’s soup kitchen. After Sherlock and Joan end their call, Sherlock gets attacked by several men. Sherlock winds up in the hospital. Joan comes to pick him up. One of the attackers was the victims brother. They now think that she was trying to hire Sherlock to clear her brothers name. Sherlock and Joan go to visit the brother. They ask him about the burglary that he was convicted of. Sherlock trades him if he answers his questions he gets to hit him with a too. He admits to committing the burglary. He tells them about her cleaning and someone who was sexually harassing her. It leads to a councilman who was sexually harassing her. They go to meet with him. He remembers her and describes her as sweet. He doesn’t give much information other than the name of the man who harassed her. He offers to give them everything he gave the police when she originally disappeared. Back at the brownstone, the two get into a heated argument that is interrupted by a phone call from Bell. There were a couple dozen names that he sent over of people who use the soup kitchen. One name pops out at him clearly. It’s Oscar. They storm his apartment and question him. He tells Sherlock that he killed her. Then he threatens Sherlock. They go back to the brownstone and analyze what Oscar said. Sherlock apologizes to Joan for upsetting her at the garage this morning. As they talk the doorbell rings. It’s the detectives again. They arrest him. Joan is horrified. At the station, Gregson and Bill discus the list. Joan goes to see Oscar. Oscar plays dumb about Sherlock being arrested. He offers to show Joan the murder. He takes her to an abandoned warehouse and shows her a bloody shirt. She takes the evidence and makes a call. She then meets with Sherlock. She shows him the photos of the clothing. Maria was going to hire Sherlock. He recognizes the shirt. He knows who the killer is. Joan meets with the council man again with Gregson and Bell. They start laying out the case against the council man. He’s linked to another murder as well. Back at the brownstone, Joan tells Sherlock that the council man confessed to both murders. She tells him that on Maria’s case he didn’t miss anything. Sherlock goes for a walk. He winds up at Oscar’s spot. He tires to help him. He’s’ made an open reservation for him at Hemsdale as a way to make amends.

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