Numb3rs S02, Ep22 – BackScatter

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Backscatter
Original Air Date: May 5, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Amita: Why would he lie to you?
Charlie: I don’t know. But if he’s still on the case, so am I.

* Charlie: You lied to me.
Don: Yeah, to protect you.

* Don: They want a war? Fine. We’ll give them a war.

* David: For a really nice guy you’ve got two really stubborn kids.
Alan: Well, they get that from their mother.

* Alan: In other words, I’m going to do it anyway so why not let me do it right?

* Amita: Before proofs existed in math, mathematicians often relied on their instinct.

Synopsis: Two guys are driving a tiny car down a back alley. They are trying to access a network and send out a ton of phishing emails. They two try to run but one gets caught after he dumps the laptop. The other gets slammed into by a guy on a bicycle. He gets caught too. At the house, Charlie explains to Alan what phishing is. The doorbell rings and the food is delivered. However, his cards are getting declined. Don’s accounts have been emptied out. He gets a text saying that they got their guys and now they got his money. Charlie and another agent analyze the recovered laptop. Megan talks to one of the suspects. Both suspects tell the same story. Some Russians met them at a cyber café and threatened them. The LAPD’s task force arrives before they have to call. He briefs them on Yuri. He does a lot of fraud and also murdered 8 people. Don still doesn’t’ have his money back, but Amita is on the case. Charlie and Amita are working in his office and she has tracked the original attack. Amita tells him she can’t track who hacked it after the fact, just when it’s happening. Megan and don go to visit the bank. The tech team has found all the unauthorized code and transactions for them. They request the manager and his teams files and prints. Megan gets a call. The two phishers made bail and are released. Their bodies are found, along with one’s girlfriend. All three are dead. They used a fake card that had one of Don’s stolen credit card numbers on it. At the house, Alan asks for help with the internet. Turns out that They’ve set up a small network to track down Don’s hacker. Amita gets a hit. It’s an illegal auto body shop. They hit the place. Charlie is showing some select students the program and one points out something weird. Charlie didn’t write that part. He and the students try to crack it. It’s a message that the autobody place is a trap. Don finds a bomb and it explodes. A Humvee pulls into the space and opens fire on them all. David got hit in the shoulder. David is stable and didn’t’ take much damage. The team wants answers. Charlie walks in. He tells them about his search. It was a trap. Don and the task force leader talk outside. He points out to Don that he is being targeted and as never seen anything like this. Don checks in with Charlie, he’s being taken off the case. He takes Charlie off the case too. Charlie is suspicious. It turns out that Don is still the lead agent and he lied to Charlie. Don and Megan go back to talk the bank’s security team again. They don’t seem to believe him. Charlie is teaching a class and he sees two people who he doesn’t recognize. He tries to call Don, but there is no cell signal. Four students go for a security officer. Don arrives, Charlie’s office has also been ransacked. They forgot about the house. Someone was there. There is a cigarette butt. The brothers and their dad completely freak out. David is out of the hospital and he is staying with Charlie and Alan. David is there trying to get them to stop working. Charlie refuses to stop. David concedes to letting Charlie work. He plays air hockey with Alan instead. It inspires a thought. Charlie calls the task force leader. Don is livid. The LAPD task leader and he get into it. Charlie is now back on the case. They realized something is going on at that bank. The head of security gets grabbed by the mob, but its actually Don. The guy tells him both his employees have been kidnapped by the mob. He tells them a whole plan that he’s been told to follow. It involves letting a hacker into the computer room. Everyone knows the plan now and are watching closely. It takes a while. In the computer room he’s got some weird back up phone. He manages to pass the hackers cell phone number. Charlie actually calls his cell phone and issues a challenge to him. He calls his boss and they are able to use it to locate Yuri. Don and his team head to the location to save the hostages and arrest Yuri. The second team gets in just in time to stop the money transfer. Don’s team goes after Yuri at the same time. They arrest him. Back at the house, David fills Don in. Alan brings out a huge dinner.

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