Numbers S02, Ep21 -Rampage

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Rampage
Original Air Date: April 28, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: It might not be about the shooting. Sometimes intense events can open up other doors.

Synopsis: David shows a man in an integration a pictures of a woman. As Charlie explains a data analysis example to Don, shots ring out. One lands within feet of them both. Don immediately protects his brother. He and he team go after the guy. David tries to take him down and several of them fire at him. Charlie is clearly shell shocked. The find the man in interrogation has been shot in the head, otherwise only minor injuries. Outside, Don checks on Charlie again. He’s still shaken. It’s brought the reality of Don’s job home for Charlie. Colby goes to the hospital to talk to the suspect. He asks for a lawyer. Charlie talks to Amita and Larry in his office about the shooting. Back at Don’s office, they go over the security footage of shooting and are shocked at how skilled he is. They figure out where he learned the martial arts. His sensei is shocked. They learn that he was practicing with another man. There could be another attack going to happen. Don comes in and tells them the bullet that killed the suspect actually came from Colby’s gun, not the attackers. Charlie and Larry realize that he didn’t even have a set target. He was just going in a random pattern. Don asks Charlie to come to his office but he refuses. Colby goes over more security footage. He was dropped off by the guy he’d been training with. Alan finds Charlie in the garage and talks to him. David and Megan go to look for the man who dropped the attacker off. They find the car he stole on fire. Don tells Colby the bullet that killed the suspect went through the attacker first, it was a good shoot. Amita comes to check on Charlie. She triggers a new idea, a new dimension: time. It forces Charlie to go to Don’s office. Amita goes with him for support. Now he does an old fashion crime scene analysis with string. Charlie and Amita think there were two people he was trying to avoid and that’s why his behavior and movement changed. Megan and David go to pick up one of the two. He is packing to leave. But a spilled coffee cups on the ground makes them suspicious. He’s hiding under the car. Taggert, was doing a lot of research on the shooter before he was the shooter. It turns up something else though, a witness list for a trial that Taggert sold. He tells them that the shooter did what he did because his family was threatened. Taggert clams up as his is also been threatened. They finally ID the mystery man as a hitman named Kurt. At the office, Charlie tries to bring another though up, but everyone is confused. He’s telling them that only certain witnesses would be targeted, witnesses who are crucial to the case. Megan and David go to the airport to meet the witness. His family has been kidnapped. Megan and David go to the hospital to try and help the shooter. He gives them the location of a trailer. They find it. It’s got three heat signatures inside. Megan realizes it’s a trap. Kurt gave the witness directions to the trailer. It’s rigged with a bomb to blow them all up. Charlie does some match and pinpoints the general location of Kurt for Don. Don spots him with binoculars. David and Megan get close enough to see just how big the bomb is and that it’s triggered by a cell phone. Don stops him. Megan and David rescue the family. Back at the office, Don and Charlie talk. Alan pops into the office to check on the guys, but seeing they are fine, Alan invites Megan to dinner.

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