Family Matters S02, Ep05 – The Crash Course

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Crash Course
Original Air Date: October 12, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: Didn’t the examiner try to calm you down?
Eddie: Nope, he got out and took the bus back.

* Laura: How can you be so disgusting.
Steve: It’s a gift.

* Laura: Nice move, Binky Bear.

* Carl: Harriet, there is a car in the living room.
Harriet: Carl, don’t overreact.

* Steve: My heart knows the words but it won’t pump them up to my lips. I guess I’m just clogged with emotional cholesterol.

* Carl: Son, you haven’t lost my respect. Messing up is a part of growing up. Edward, it’s a process that never ends.

* Steve: Thanks Eddie. I wasn’t looking forward to military school. I heard they don’t allow night lights.

Synopsis: Harriet and Rachel are painting in the living room. They wind up having a paint brush fight. When Carl tries to break it up, they both paint him. Steve comes in and he gets paint all over Carl. The next day, Carl’s breakfast is interrupted by Eddie. He’s worried about getting his license. Carl tests him on the way to his driver’s test. He yells about a bread truck that doesn’t exist at Eddie. He rattles Eddie quite badly. Eddie gets home and he flunked the test. Eddie’s girlfriend, Jolene comes over. He doesn’t tell her the truth. She wants to go for a drive and he doesn’t. Eddie gives in a takes her for a drive. In the house, Steve is asking for random aspects of Laura and she is grossed out. As she heads up to her room, Eddie crashes into the living room. Eddie freaked out when he sees a bread truck. Steve tries to calm him. When Carl comes home he completely freaks out. Carl sends Eddie to his room and tells him to lock the doors and windows so he can’t get in. Steve, up and tells them that he did it, not Eddie. Laura and Eddie are shocked. Carl tells him to go home before he loses his cool. Laura and Eddie run after Steve as he leaves to ask him why he took the blame. He tells them it’s because they are buddies, and buddies help each other. Later that night, Laura tells Eddie that he’s a jerk for letting Urkel take the blame. Steve walks in in a military uniform. His parents are sending him away. Eddie and Laura are upset. Steve gives the two some parting gifts. Eddie tells him to wait there and heads into the kitchen. In the garage, Carl is blowing up a balloon for Ritchie. Eddie tells him that it was actually him. Carl flips his lid. Eddie tells him the whole truth. They have a heart to heart. Carl apologizes for the last minute test. He feels the driving test failure was his fault. Eddie gets grounded and has to wait two months for his next driving test. He has to tell the Urkel’s what actually happened. Meanwhile, Steve has been bestowing man gifts on Laura leaving her disturbed. Eddie comes back in and tells him that he told his dad the truth. They have a moment and play catch in the house. Steve breaks a lamp, but Eddie takes the blame for him.

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