The Nanny S02, Ep04 – Material Fran

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Material Fran
Original Air Date: October 3, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Grace: I just don’t know if I can sleep alone.
Fran: Oh, don’t worry, you get use to it.

* Fran: I don’t know what they expect from me these are hands, not wands.

* Grace: Let’s face it, I’m codependent and teddy is my enabler.

* Kathy: He rear ended me.
Val: I’m not into that.
Kathy: Now I remember you.

* Fran: Oh well, I might be old but the noodle is sharp as a tack.

* CC: I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.
Niles: You’d have to be dead six months to fit into it.

* Niles: Either Miss Fine’s date with Theo went well or we are hosting the wake.

* Max: Miss Fine, aren’t you a little overdressed for breakfast?

* Fran: How could you nap with $19.95 a pound staring you in the face.

Synopsis: Fran’s looking through the personals. Gracie comes downstairs. She doesn’t want to go to a sleepover. She’s worried they’ll make fun of her teddy bear. Later, CC comes in going on about a luncheon. Maggie wants to go to a concert but she wants Fran to ask her dad for tickets. In the living room, CC introduces Maxwell Sheffield. Fran enters the party. She recognizes someone as a high school classmate. CC nearly chokes Fran. In the kitchen, Fran tries to console Grace. Val comes over and they talk about Kathy. Kathy pops into the kitchen and catches up with Fran and Val. She sets Fran up with a rich guy. Maggie asks Fran again to ask Max for the concert tickets. Fran plays him easily. Fran’s date arrives. He looks more like her grandfather’s age. Fran is a bit shocked and has trouble keeping it together. The next morning the house is filled with flowers. Miss Fine walks into the breakfast room. She’s decked out in a tiara. Everyone is a bit shocked by it. The doorbell rings and Theo has arrived. He’s whisking her off to Paris for dinner. On the plane, Kathy and her husband are there too. Fran gets quite excited over lobster on the plane. Back at the mansion, Val and Fran are confused as to which tower leans. Fran announces she is breaking up with Theo. Val pretty much calls her an idiot. Somehow, they start talking about soap operas. Max comes in and asks about the concert tickets. He says everything she is telling Val and doesn’t realize it. Fran sends all Theo’s gifts back. It’s now the night of the concert. Fran and Max aren’t having fun so they get food. They both talk about how old they feel at this concert. Max spots Theo at the concert and low and behold he’s with CC. It’s now the night of the sleepover and Fran is dropping Grace off. They all have teddy bears and Grace nearly faints. They take a momentary leave to go get the bear.

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