Numb3rs S02, Ep12 – The OG

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The OG
Original Air Date: January 6, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: No offense Charlie, it sounds like two math geeks who don’t date much.

* Colby: But counselor let’s not forgot we have a man down. Where I come from that means something.

* Charlie: Well Don did only ask for help with this one case but don’t all these other victims deserve justice?

* David: A man lost his life. I’m not here to restore your faith in the system. I’m just trying to find his killer.

* Alan: Well he follows the numbers. The more something seems solvable the more he wants to solve it.

* Don: Trust me, if Charlie’s math says they are connected, the odds are they are connected.

* Amita: The killer is choosing his victims to specifically maximize retaliation.

* Larry: How do we know that the shooter is a gang member?

* Don: Why don’t you tell me how a gun you bought back winds up back on the street in the hands of a killer?

Synopsis: A drive by shooting takes place leaving a man dead. At the house, Alan is getting ready for a date. Don gets called to investigate the drive by. The dead man was actually an undercover FBI agent. Walking to Don’s office, the LAPD completely fill him in on the whole scope of the case he was working. An assistant US Attorney who was running the case joins them as well. The US Attorney briefs everyone. Charlie assists with some math analysis. There is a map with 6 months of data and its scary data. He wants all the data to analysis to look for patterns. Don suggests a warrant sweep to get more information about the shooting. The attorney agrees. In the garage, Charlie is shocked at the number of gang related shootings that took place in the last four years. During the sweep, David chases a suspect into a community center and the director is not happy about his gun. He agrees to help them find Watts. They bring Watts in for questioning. He tells them he’s retaliating for the murder as they speak. The agents cover was not blown. So now they have to broaden their search. Meanwhile, Charlie has analyzed the data and gives everyone an update on what he’s found. His match can find out who started each and who are the greatest offenders. The lieutenant isn’t all that interested. Megan checks with his wife, she thinks that he had risen high enough to be part of the shot callers for the gang. Amita joins Charlie and Larry in the garage to work the case. But now Charlie is trying to solve all the shooting chains. David goes back to the community center. He tracks down the director, Olivia. He wants her to help in the investigation. She resists. At the house, Don and Alan discuss the case. Alan gives some insight about Charlie. Charlie rushes in with and update for Don. He’s got some answers. One person is responsible for over 60 murders. At Don’s office, they all pull the files for al those cases. Megan finds a pattern in the original ten kills. Megan goes to Charlie to try and figure out how the victims are being picked. Larry wonders if the killer is a gang member or not and Megan is visibly shocked by this. Megan, David and Colby meet and get a call that these murders are being done by confiscated guns that should have been destroyed. Some cars are parked along the side of the road parting a little, and a drive by takes place. At the scene, Colby tells David the gun that was bought back was signed for by Walker. Don questions Walker, who just gives him lip. Colby joins them and tells them over a dozen guns from that program are missing. All the missing guns were turned in at the community center. David wants the records form her who had access to the guns. She grudgingly hands over the records. At Don’s office, Megan wants to focus on victim number one as that will have the strongest link to the killer. Back at the house, they discuss Alan’s date. It went badly. Charlie asks why he’s focused on the first victim instead of the first victim. He thinks the real first victim is somewhere in the chain. Back at the office, they are going over all the victim’s in that chain. David makes a connection with one of the deaths. The father of that victim works at the community center. They surround his house. David wants to talk to him. He talks to him through a broken window. The talking is working but then he goes quiet. The man kills himself. The tone is somber at the office. Walker compliments David’s work at the scene. Megan leaves to tell the officers wife what happened. Don heads to the house to find that he his Dad has another date. Charlie heads out too. He wanders to the garage where Charlie had been working on all the gang cases. He’s taken aback by the picture of a baby who was killed. The director of the community center heads in and finds David working with the kids. She is surprised that David has taken over for the employee that was the killer. He wins her over.

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